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    {FREE FURN & CLOTHING} In order to completely understand please read the contest “rules” -CONTEST RULES- in order to have a very good chance you must comment! I will choose (2) comments “RANDOMLY” at the end of the contest i will pick 2 comments, not because i like them, or read it and loved it, SO DO NOT TRY AND BUTTER ME UP because when i choose i will have my eyes closed. -VERY IMPORTANT NOTICE- if you comment more than 1 time you will be kicked out of the contest! and comment your user in the comments!!! Because if i pick you and you did not leave your WEBKINZ WORLD user i will not be able to add you and send you your gift! Thank you for entering this contest please click reply! -PRIZES- Patchwork Sofa……. (rare) and antique iron stove…… I know it is no big give away but it is very much worth a shot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! better than nothing right? THIS CONTEST WILL END AT 12\20\2013 – Dec 20th 2013 if it is passed that time than the contest is closed i will make sure to say CLOSED in the comments and I will make sure to comment the winners at the end! If you get a friend Request from Glitter1414 add me……. I will not be accepting friend requests in message center! THANK YOU AND PLEASE FOLLOW THE RULES!

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      Awesome. Username is 5447472. Thank you.

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      Congrats everyone great job

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