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    Webkinz Gem Dogs are a popular series of in both Estores. I personally think that Webkinz should make a new type of gem pet for all the cat fans out there. Cats and Dogs are the most popular types of pets in the country. If they are to make Gem Dogs they should make Gem Cats for all the cat fans. I would think if they were made they would have the gem cars and would have a little different PSI items and would be the same price.

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      Well it is my one of my first forums so I was kinda brain dead but then it came to me Gem Cats might be cool to have. Well being boring is my fault also on this one was kinda extensive in my mind. Thanks for commenting!

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        XD were only human meant for faults we can only make mistakes to learn from. I read that somewhere

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      XD no problem but it’s just like the reader would get bored just because I tend to be boring

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      Well I think it should really only be the countries most popular pets horses, dogs, and cats. I do snore LOL. But I think this would a rather good Idea. Thanks for commenting.

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      OHHH horse’s AS WELLLLLLLLLL AND COWS AND PIGS AND *everyone snores*

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        Well I just wanted to put some of the countries most popular pets, but horses are also pretty popular.

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      Awesome Idea! I am a Total cat person and I would love to get a gem cat someday! The gem dogs are so cute (my favorites are the Green and the Opal pups) And if the cats were anywhere as nice looking as the dogs i would be pleased! Keep Smiling! Clarissais93 (Cheese Head)

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