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    Does anyone have any suggestions on what to name my Colorsplash Tiger? Thanks!

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      if you want your pet to be uniqe, try abbri, catz, tritz, faze, pristia, zazz, dalta, or geota. if you want to be normal, try colorsplash, rainbow, scittles, masterpiece, or splatter. if you want to be classy, try di vinci. if you want to pay attantion to the “tiger” part, try stripes, roar, whiskers, or somthing spicial; roaring rainbow. or if you want some other choices, then try tina, leo, jade, or lace. hope i helped! any one can use these names if they want! >~pop~<

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      Hmm…depending on whether it’s a boy or a girl, you could name your pet Spectrum, Rosetta, Lyra, Crystal, Prism, Flamboya (corruption of “flamboyant”, which means full of bright colors!), Raindrop, Pastel, Crayola, or Streak! If you want your pet to be classy, you could also name it after a famous artist (Van Gogh, Monet, da Vinci, Pascal, etc.) Have fun!

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      Thank you all for your input! I really appreciate it! I have decided to name my colorsplash tiger Picasso! Thank you again! Have fun in Webkinz World!

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      girl rainbow splash color art dasiy

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      girl,rainbow , color, explosion, splash, candy, art, lily , stripes, Samantha, katrine

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