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    I’m having a hard time getting past level eight in the Kinzville School especially in weightlifting and speed. If anyone has any tips on how to go father let me know please. TY in advance.

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      I know what you mean. However, I am more frustrated with the weight lifting class. It goes so fast, and when I do hit it sometimes it says that I missed! This is a website for kids, you think that it would be a little easier to do.

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      still so very frustrating on speed class. 99% of the time when I do get close to passing it, I need about 1/2 second more to fill that heart and run out of time. It show it’s full and run out of time. No fun at all doing this class. A lot of times, get it almost full and then the slide bar goes clear to the right and don’t have enough time to get it in the pink again.

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      I have trouble too with the speed. Like others, some days it works great and other days it doesn’t. Faster computer works better for me on speed and on the weight lifting higher levels, can’t even think of using the fast computer. I hope Ganz can or will loosen it up or fix it to work well with all computers. It would help a lot. Like others said, it gets frustrating.

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      it usually goes pretty slow with the speed training. but of course when it does work it goes like super fast. what i do on those fast days is i instead of making full cicles around it i only go side to side hope this helps!

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      still very sporadic on the speed. Some days it works fine and then others – forget it. Can hardly get it to register in the pink at all. Guess if it works, it works, and if not – it doesn’t.

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