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    Hello everybody! I’m icetealover123 (and I love iced tea) and I want to help you, like Plumpy the Hippo does– except you don’t have to wait a week for your answers! Just ask me a question and I’ll answer it as fast as I can. Please check out my other forum, too!

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      I suggest Chai tea or iced peach tea (those are my favorites). I also think that Arizona Green Tea and Lipton Citrus Iced Tea is really good. Sometimes hot teas are bitter, or maybe even bland. The only hot tea I REALLY like is Chai Tea with 2 tablespoons of Italian Sweet Cream.

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        Thanks! That sounds really good! :) I also like Italian soda.

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        sorry to butt in but I love chais! They are so yummy! My mum loves them to and she recently brought a banana flavoured chai packet!

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      Hello Icetea! I have a tea question!!! I have tried tea multiple times, but it tastes like rundown water. I don’t know if it’s the flavor I am trying? What would you suggest? Apparently Chick-Fil-A’s sweet tea is really good, and Arnold Palmers and Peace Teas are good. I really want to try some different tea, but I don’t want to not like it! Thanks!

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      Hi Icetealover! I LOVE to drink hot tea and ice tea! What’s your favorite flavor? Have a sweet and happy New Year!!! :D~SC

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      This is not STUPID! I’m pretty sure there is no limit, BUT if you have over 200 items your game will probably start loading slower. I have almost 240 and my friend has well over 300 items– so I ‘m pretty sure there is no limit.

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        I don’t want to intrude or anything, but I have 621 items in my dock at the moment, and I’ve had more, so I am pretty sure there is no limit. Sometimes webkinz does run a little slow, but most of the time it works fine.

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          I have had over a thousand items in my dock (and I think I still do) and plenty of my friends have over 700 items. However, I think that if you are a free player then it places a limit on your dock capacity, I just don’t know exactly what number that limit may be. Hope this helps! ;)

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            I have around 1100 items in my dock. ~crazy011~

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              I have almost 2100 items, and have been playing for 6 years. There is no limit if you’re a full member/Deluxe, but as others have said, there is a cap of 50 items for free players. Cheers!

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            I am a free member on Webkinz and the capacity of items you can have in your dock is 50 items. Hope this helps to anyone! (By the way, I am also a fan of tea! My favorite though is Thai Tea!) :)

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          If webkinz is running quite slowly then it is probably not because of your computer or the amount of stuff in your dock it is because webkinz has lots of people on that is why it is slow so I wouldn’t worry about the amount of stuff in your dock.

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        Thanks! You’re the best :P

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        Actually there is for free members.

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      Okay, Stupid Question Alert! How many items can a free player have in their dock? Full member? Thanks @icetealover123!

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        good question!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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      hey like which witch hat are you talking about?

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      Hey Priceless, Yes I do use W.I. It is helpful when I see a PSI and fine out if it’s valuable or not. Question for you do you want to be friends in Webkinz World? If you don’t want to not a problem just want to ask. Anyway See you around W.W.

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      Sorry I forgot to add my username it’s the same here (markg97) in Webkinz World. Anyway See you around in W.W.

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