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    Hello everybody! I’m icetealover123 (and I love iced tea) and I want to help you, like Plumpy the Hippo does– except you don’t have to wait a week for your answers! Just ask me a question and I’ll answer it as fast as I can. Please check out my other forum, too!

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      Hi mark! :) I’m so sorry to interrupt, but Atom has been looking for you on WI. Is your username the same on there? PLMK. Have a sweet day!~cupcake

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        Hi sweet, Tell Atom I don’t have a account with WI, I’m not sure if I really want one. Is it worth having an account with them? Let me know and Sorry for the inconvenience and also are we friends in Webkinz World? if not my user is the here(markg97). See you around W.W.

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          HI Mark I think it is worth your time making an account because we all chat in real time there. Like we used to be able to go here years ago, only it’s even faster. I love Earl Gray tea, and Lady Gray, I love hot tea with biscuits, which are just cookies, I love all things British. LOL See ya DF

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            Okay Chloe, I might make a Account with them. Also Thank You for the Gift, I like the Magical Forest but I have a tough time getting different Stars and Charm. And my Favorite Tea is Sweet Iced Tea and Green Tea with extra flavors i.e. Blueberry, Pomegranate, etc.. See you around W.W. and maybe W.I. and again Thanks for the Gift!

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      Hey,ICETEA BUDDY! I need an outfit for my cocker spaniel,Isabelle.Her personality is well..very mature but sometimes gets into trouble :) . In her letter is says she likes being honest,smart and a cool dancer(I make her act like she likes ballet and opera instead :) ) It also says she likes collecting stuff ;) Like me!!! She wants a tubby tummies brown bear (lol letting her inner little girl get the best of her ;) . Her favorite food is pretzels and she is buddies with a marshmallow bunny (giggle,how has she succeeded in not eating him?!?! :D ) She loves bright colors,but in a mature way like tabby’s blazer(which I have) I am deluxe,so count that in.Here is SOME clothing I have: Gardener boots,tabbys blazer,Pink popstar dress,Pretty in pink skirt,pink knit capelet,WKN Shades,police outfit,Green popstar dress(she LOVES that one) Beautiful blue ball gown,glass slippers,silver shimmering dress,gold glittering dress,rockerz cow clothing,Card collecter cropped jacket,Pink tam,elegant ball gown,and jean jacket uniform.I have a LOT more,but these were some of her favorite clothing pieces.Feel free to put together some peices from the outlet and shop(not to many from shop,costs to much :) ) thanks! ~Melody

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        Okay. Thanks for all the info! I advise that she wears the Fashionista Trenchcoat (Deluxe) with the Puss in Boots boots (sounds ridiculous, I know) or Rhinestone Flats (not Deluxe). Otherwise, she could wear the Passion Pink Dress (Deluxe) with the Fair Weather Feather Hat (Deluxe) and Ruffled Sequin Sandals (not Deluxe.) Hope this helps!

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          No estore please,and the other deluxe clothing I have no idea what it is.Could you please put together an outfit from the listed clothing? Oh,another question.What is the music starz jukebox worth in the trading room.(I hope I am not overloading you with questions ;) . ) Thanks! Melody

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      Hello!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What is worth more in webkinz world (BTW this is a quiz not a question) Witch Hat or WZ Jeans? ANSWER KEY IS ANYONE IN THE TRADING ROOM!

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        Hi Priceless to answer your quiz question they are both Priceless but the Witch Hat (Halloween Hat) value is 200,000 to 250,000+ (it doesn’t go up pass 7 years, it’s 8-9 years old) and the WZ Jeans value are 150,000 to 200,000 (that’s the final value for them). Hope is helps and Sorry if it’s to long. See you around W.W.

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      does it have to be about webkinz or can it be things that happen outside of webkinz like friendship issues etc?

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      Oh and now the Starbucks Passion Tea is at the grocery store too! We got some and it is sooooo good- when we get it at Starbucks we have them add two equals and then they shake it up really hard and it is delicious! We did it at home this weekend with the new teabags at the store and it was just as good- try that one too!

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