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    I made such a big deal with the signatures. When I said, “they are hard as a rock,” I was trying to say that they are super stiff (in my opinion.) I am sorry for EVERYTHING I said. Please forgive me I am really sorry. D;

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      Hey snow, how ya been doing? FROZEN! (we watch it a lot too)

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      Hello, How are you guys?

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        Good, it’s spring so………. Also own frozen which I have watched ALOT.

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      Awwwwww alot of replies…. lots… of people must had clicked on this! Wow…… :) It was very smart of you to do that.. forgiveness is the best way to end an argument.

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        Thanks, so hey can’t wait ’till the new forums come out. So how are you. Sorry for the late reply.

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      I have a few signatures and most of them are actually hard.. my softest one is my orange tabby. Also, don’t feel bad about posting your opinion. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion and the right to voice it. :)

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        Lucky Lucky Lucky! Where did you find yours and how much did you have to pay?-Atom

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      I Snow, i saw on page 2 you wanted to know what TTYS meant. It means Talk To You Soon. I learned that from DF. I also learned ROFL. I didn’t know what DF meant by that, until she told me what it meant. It means Rolling On Floor Laughing. I thought it meant River of Flowing Love. LOL!-Atom

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