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    Hai peeps! In this forum u can “be” ur webkinz and talk to other kinda like kinz chat in webkinz world u just have to sign ur comment with ur webkinz name u can use more then one. Hope u had a Merry Christmas! ~ Amethyst the peace n’ love puppy

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      Katey: 2009

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      Puggles: A library that is a great idea! I know there was an ice cream shop before and a lot of food shops. Katy: I have only been active since 2009 my owner thought she’d never get webkinz but then she got one from her sister and now she loves webkinz so much!

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        laura: I was just wondering when you guys created your account? mine is in 2007

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      Tanner: Hello! I am the Mayor of my brothers and sisters town. I may only be a lil’kinz Chihuahua, but I have been active since 2007. I have 6 years (almost 7) years of wisdom! My sis, Snowball, manages town meeting and all. She’s great! Katey and Lala, good luck running your towns!

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        Lala: same here I have six of wisdom

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      Katey: I am my owners first pet too, and my town has only two signature pets too! One time when Lamby was online she saw an add that showed a retired pet in a train so now Lamby is afraid of the train Lamby is just a Lil Kinz. It is nice meeting another Mayor! My husband Puggles helps me keep the town nice. Puggles: Katey so selfish, she barely lets me do anything to help keep the town nice! I am not one of my owners first webkinz. Nice meeting you!

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        Queeny: I know how u feel Puggles. I’m Lala’s best friend I am my owners second webkinz. She used to be so selfish about her work, know we work together. I’m the towns librarian. Bye the way I’m a clysdale. If you are ever in need of a book let me know. Bye

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      Lamby: It is great to meet everyone! Katey (pink pooodle): I am the mayor of the town Lamby lives in she is so sweet isn’t she? My town has never had Signature pets until recently (I found them Really cheap at a store) it is too bad they are all retired. Lamby: Guys I have to tell you something! The train in the train theme at the wshop is a train that takes retired webkinz away it makes me too sad to buy it :(! Katey: Lamby it doesn’t take adopted webkinz away so you can still buy it.

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        Lala: Hello Katey I’m the mayor of my town. I’m my owners first webkinz! We have two signatures in our town and a their may be coming! I never knew the train took webkinz away! By the way I’m a koala

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