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    Hai peeps! In this forum u can “be” ur webkinz and talk to other kinda like kinz chat in webkinz world u just have to sign ur comment with ur webkinz name u can use more then one. Hope u had a Merry Christmas! ~ Amethyst the peace n’ love puppy

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      Krystal: I’m a snowflake pup too! My owner ( Zoe yesh thats my name) would read that post she likes ur owner forums! I know what its like to have a annoying brother…. Marco: Hello!! Krystal: Um.. I am kinda busy. Marco: And? Krystal: And u interupted me. Marco: Well I just wanted to know what u were doing. Krystal: As if. Marco: Bye! Krystal: I’m so sorry -.-

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        Hurricane: Krystal, it’s boys, atleast yours hasn’t hit you in the face with a ball. Charlie: It was an accident! Hurricane: Yeah, sure. Oh try and hit the nonathletic snowflake pup. Charlie: Hurricane, why couldn’t you just catch it. Hurricane: I think I will go before I lose my temper. Charlie: K, well Marco, girl out of the way (one more to go) so sassy sisters we have. Is it a snowflake pup thing? I mean she is the favourite, and she is a nerd. What has this world come to. Sisters.

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      Hurricane: Hi I’m Hurricane, and I am a snowflake pup. I have a porcupine for a brother. Charlie: She means awesome brother. Hurricane: Obnoxious brother more like. Charlie: This is not a forum to insult me. Hurricane: What you want me to personally start a forum to insult you. Charlie: Like anyone would read that. Hurricane: lovejoycc100 would. She reads all the forums written by (then she say’s my name which I am NOT posting.) Charlie: Yeah would she read one by you. Hurricane: Lets try (I am really writing a forum for this I feel this should be brought alive) Charlie: Thanks alot for the forum. Hurricane: Well this post failed see y’all later, ♥ BYE ♥

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      Frost: Hi there! I’m a mighty little rambunctious Arctic Polar Bear. I don’t have many good friends and don’t intend to. My brother’s name is Fluffers. Have you seen him around WW? My adopted brother’s name is TobiasFourEaton. Obviously, I’m a HUGE fan of the Divergent series. Do you like the books too? I can’t wait to see the movie! Bye for now!

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        Hershey Kiss: Hello Frosty! Divergent is awesome I’m reading right now. The movie will be awesome I just know it! You seem like a loner like someone ho likes being alone. Kinda like Katniss Everdeen =P. I’m a loner too. I am a signature barn owl by the way.

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        T2MW1 do you recommend the books?

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          I do! There so awesome! I CAN’T wait for the books!! Whoooooooooooooop!

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            Okay I think once I will look for them in the thrift shop (were I get books from)

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      Zebby I have to say this but you watch SASSYCAT143. that right their is educational isn’t it. I LOVE SASSYS VIDEOS. I love Delilah in signature island episode 19. Also how Kali handled Huston. It is awesome gonna go look on her channel now. BYE

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        I kno! Sassy is my role model! I check her channel every day. Just typing that makes me seem like a creep O.0. Lol I love signature island and can’t wait for season 2 of signature island

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          I know and I can’t wait for wind hearts. We are just fan girls.

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            Same here!!

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      Clouds (white poodle): Katey is my sister she is kind of boring though, she never goes shopping. I love shopping so much. Me and my husband Onix (black poodle) go shopping together a lot. We fit together perfectly! Oh looks like I have to go I have plans.

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        Amethyst: I know how you feel my twin Violet doesn’t like shopping! She is more tom boy I guess but I am 100% girly! Well I have to go! I’m going to hang out with my boyfriend Shorty (welsh corgi)

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