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    Hai peeps! In this forum u can “be” ur webkinz and talk to other kinda like kinz chat in webkinz world u just have to sign ur comment with ur webkinz name u can use more then one. Hope u had a Merry Christmas! ~ Amethyst the peace n’ love puppy

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      Keko: Hi, I’m Keko the pug. I was first adopted… anyway… Hermione: HEYA!!!!!!!!! Keko: Ugh… Hermione….. Hermione: I’m Hermione the Pinto! I’m named after Hermione Granger from Harry Potter, which my owner likes, and I just started readingitomgit’ssogoodheheI’monthe7thbookmyleastfavoriteisthe5thonewereSirus…… Keko: Hermione! Spoiler…. Anyway, pleased to meet you! Feel free to chat with us! Hermione: Sorry, I get crazy when I start talking about good books. I’m smart, and love to read, yet sporty and outgoing, so yeah… Sorry!!

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        Cream (Domino Cat) Hi, Keko and Hermione! Pleased to meet you. Unfortunately, I’m not a Harry Potter fan, but I’d still love to chat! Larry (Seal): HI THERE!!! C3000 (Tinkerpup): STOP BEING SO RAMBUNCTIOUS,! IT ANNOYS ME. Larry: Alright, alright. Sheesh, for a robot dog, you sure are a party pooper. C3000: I CANNOT HELP THAT! IT IS EMBEDDED IN MY PROGRAMMING. WAIT, IS “party pooper” AN INSULT? Larry: *sigh* Don’t worry about C3000, he doesn’t know WHAT’S coming out of his speakers. C3000: I TAKE OFFENSE TO THAT! Cream: Oh, stop messing with him, Larry! Anyways, I may not be a Harry Potter fan, but I do like the Warrior Cat series. It’s very popular; have you heard of it by any chance? Larry: No. I hate reading. Cream: Oh, you’re only saying that because you’re too lazy to pick up a book! And I wasn’t even talking to you! Larry: Whatever. Wanna go play a video game? C3000: I WOULD LIKE THAT VERY MUCH. Cream: *facepalm* Yup, these are my friends…

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      Larry (Seal): Hey, everyone! I’m Larry, and this is my best buddy, Cream! Cream (Domino Cat): Hiya, guys! We’re friends of Professor Lightning, a Ginger Cat scientist who’s always inventing something kooky and new! By the way, where is the Professor, anyways? I haven’t seen him in a while. Charlie3000 (Tinkerpup): …IDENTIFYING SUBJECTS… SUBJECTS IDENTIFIED. SALUTATIONS. Cream: GAH! What is that?! Larry: Oh, that’s one of Professor Lightning’s inventions, an AI who’s programmed to “learn” from other Webkinz. One day, he might be used to gather information from outer space! He’s called Charlie3000, but you can call him C3000 if you want. Nice guy, but he needs an upgrade. C3000: I TAKE OFFENSE TO THAT LAST STATEMENT. Larry: Oh, come on, C3000, you know there’s still a few bugs that need fixing. C3000: I KNOW OF NO BUGS TO BE FIXED! *mumbling* BUGS. AS IF I HAD BUGS. Cream: Okay then…anyways, feel free to chat with us! That is, after C3000 gets his gears together… C3000: I INSIST, ALL SYSTEMS ARE UP TO DATE! Cream: Whatever you say, C3000…

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      Hi I am Avery a webkinz Rockerz cat. Winter: and I am winter a signature white Bengal tiger me and Avery are bffs. Avery: winter we should go shopping today. Winter: ok. Avery: so I live in a crowded area with lots of pets which a re my siblings I haves. Cool room my owner made it Rockerz style. Winter: and I live in a small house next to Avery’s p. I only live with me and mittens,a. Virtual cat.

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      Hey! I am Avery. I live with a lot of other webkinz so yeah it gets crowded. Winter:hi I am winter, I live in a separate town but I am best friend with Avery. Avery:soooooo I am a Rockerz cat. Winter:I am a signature white Bengal tiger. Avery:so I live in a town with a house with some other pets, I have a cool bedroom though.winter: so I live in a small home right outside Avery’s town. The only persons in my family is me and mittens, a virtual webkinz cat. Avery:so I like to wear a rockers style like skinny jeans, black tshirt, and stuff. If I had Rockerz big black boots I wish I did I would wear those. Winter: hey guys! So for my clothing. We’ll Avery is more rocker style. I just like awesome outfits that show who I am! Sometimes I wear jeans with a rock jacket and shuts, but sometimes I go more relaxed and wear plumpy glasses, skinny jeans, these holiday shoes, a green holiday vest. Avery:So anyways that’s us. :). Lol this forum is cool! Plz add me on webkinz my account with winter is harmonycat0985 and my account wit have is GoodLuckCharlie90. I might be on webkinz today!!!

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      Lol I got my braces tightened on Tuesday. I never knew I would feel like a fright train hit my mouth.

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