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    I’m looking for a few of the yellow trellis that was an event on WKN. I have extra pink trellis to trade for them. Also looking for Webkinz Friends clothing. Thanks

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      hey MORHB, please send mine to DF.

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        Hi forest, I saw where you were needing a super bed, would it be alright if I sent you a bed box, JLMK, I have some extras. I also have all the pink fences I will be needing, but TY anyway. TTYL DF

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          hey DF, I was looking for the symphony bed for my sister. She traded for a bed box but didn’t want to use it for this bed at first because she might be able to find it elsewhere. Sure I will trade you for a bed box. that would be great. TTYL

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      oh thanks. if you have a couple extra bunny would love them im sure. thanks again. forest85

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      Cruise, I am trying to post a second time. It is Chloe(DF) who needs two or three more pink fences. I have been looking to complete them for her. If you have any please let me know so I stop looking.

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        hey DF. If you don’t get them for Cruise, let me know, I will send you what I have left after sending to Forest and Bunny.

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      hey there, I have 3 yellow. I will do the same 1:1 or however many you need. bunny will look too.

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        I have enough now from others. I still have extra pinks so I can send you a couple with your wreath. Let me know if bunny wants some too, I can send a couple also.

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      sorry, but I only got one of them… i’ll let u know if I find another :)

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