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    I’m looking for a few of the yellow trellis that was an event on WKN. I have extra pink trellis to trade for them. Also looking for Webkinz Friends clothing. Thanks

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      Now that I know what they are used for I want some so I can do a new yard. My old yard is full of plants I had to grow for challenges. If anyone has any spares, I don’t care what color as I can mix them up. JLMK and Thanks! Let me know if you need anything. Also, today I got a bunch of stuff in kinzville park while I was waiting for the ice cream man. at 200 pieces you get a hat. At 300 pieces you get goggles. At 350 pieces you get a poster. At 400 and 500 pieces you get a tree. At 550 you get nothing and then the ice cream man finally came so I left! crissy135

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        I will send you some in the next couple days crissy. ** MORHB **

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