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    I’m going to start with my Wish List, then post a Trade List when this is up. AP items – Dragon Fire, Celestial Smore Campsite, Rafi plush, Boris plush, cave crystal display box, Rocky Side Table, Rock Climbing Shoes, Shell Shoes Magic Forest – Alyssa plush, twirling leaf tiara, Charm Forest Sofa Caring Valley – Lovely Caring Bouquet Promo – Enchanted Firefly Lighthouse, Lava Waterfall, Wintery Window. PSI – Autumn Paw Print Window (black lab), Sturdy Stone Lantern (bull terrier), Cats Meow Garden (sig. calico), Leafy Lounger (gecko), 2 Great Gorilla Hanging Chairs (gorilla), Catnip Canopy Gazebo (sig grey tabby), Winged Window (violet wing butterfly) Clothes – Pilgrim outfit and hat, Nefertitis robe and headdress, WackyER Zingoz shoes. Misc. – 2 Jam Makers Fridges, zum topiary, Medieval Bear Tapestry. Thanks for looking.

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      Trading List 2 – Rares – Neo Gothic nightstand, clock, dresser, couch, tv, bookshelf. Princess theme side table, throne, rug. Persian Theme flying carpet bed, dining table, violet rug, pedestal, jade rug, settee, oil lamp, blue vase, candelabra. Aztec theme calendar, bed, fire pit, dresser, totem, dining chair. Ancient Civilization theme settee, chair, dining throne Victorian Garden Theme tea set table, chair, fountain. Medival Theme bed, lamp, sofa, queens throne, lion tapestry. Others humvee SUV, Egyptian vase, egypt side table, egypt vanity chair, rainy day window, greasy grill, fancy fountain, jumpin jukebox, spellbound palace bed, acropolis bed, enchanted elven pipe organ, tyrannical rex slide, rainbow fountain of WOW, campkinz platform tent, royal red carpet, secluded garden bench

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      Trade List 1 – Clothing – 3D glasses, dark shades, hot pink studded shades, city chic sunglasses, city chic boots, Pirate sheath, pirate costume silk, pirate costume pants, Lunar belt, lunar jacket, lunar pants, crown of wonder, woodland tiara, ghost pirate hat, amethyst tiara, dapper casual shoes, dapper casual hat, dapper casual pants, fred rovers blazer, polarberry pants, GW layered skirt, purple wizard shoes, vintage glam shoes, narfaria slips, zangoz slips, charmed dress, charmed boots, sweet buddy bomber jacket, movie star white dress. Other items (sorry they are not in any order) – antique wishing well, day outdoors bathtub, googles scrying pond, lazy muddy river, big city bus, riding the rails train, dress rehearsal costume rack, wacky eucalyptus tv, glowing lamp, beautiful blush treadmill, robo handy table, ultimate experiment station, potted elm tree, safe and sound mini locker, bubble wrap chair, silver sofa, train station luggage trolley, pink newspaper box

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        Just to let everyone know, I am open to all offers. I am not looking for my wish list items only. So make an offer if you’re interested.

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      MORHB- Hi there. I have the Sig. Cat’s Meow Garden. Am looking forward to seeing your list. :)

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      hi MORHB: i have the rock climbing shoes cant wait to see your list. ~Gaudi

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        Hi Gaudi, did you see anything you would like for the shoes?

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      Hi mom, the lighthouse is not sendable. I wish it was, I have lots of extra codes. I’ll check for the fridges, I never know what to get and what to do with those prizes anymore. I’ll wait for your trade list before I look for the other items. TTYL DF

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        Thanks DF.

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        Sorry DF, didn’t mean to just blow you off with just a ty. That’s a bummer about the lighthouse. I would appreciate the Fridges, ty. I did some exploring while renaming rooms and found a room I forgot about. I now have 2 more Quizzy Dining Chairs if you wanted a set of 4. Or if someone else you know is looking for more. I also have a wardrobe box. It isn’t sendable, but I can send the wardrobe someone wants. LMK if any of these, or something on my lists interest you. I can send it over to you. Thanks again, hope you and everyone else has a great weekend.

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          Hi mom, sorry about the late reply. I can’t get used to going back to page one, and looking for replies , I end up missing so much. I would love the chairs. I can send the paw window. I have at least one fridge in my dock, seeing how I keep getting the stove and sink every time. LOL I also have extra wacky shoes, if you still need that. LMK, TTYL DF

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            Hiya MORHB! I heard that you have a wardrobe box :D I need the ,Easter Basket Wardrobe, Magnificent Antique Wardrobe and the Fantastic Fall Wardrobe! Would those ones be available? But anyways as for your wish list I only have the Alyssa plush but I don’t think that would be enough, unless you want more than one because I have 3 :( Is there anything else you might want, like rares? Please reply soon, thanks! :)

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