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    I’m going to start with my Wish List, then post a Trade List when this is up. AP items – Dragon Fire, Celestial Smore Campsite, Rafi plush, Boris plush, cave crystal display box, Rocky Side Table, Rock Climbing Shoes, Shell Shoes Magic Forest – Alyssa plush, twirling leaf tiara, Charm Forest Sofa Caring Valley – Lovely Caring Bouquet Promo – Enchanted Firefly Lighthouse, Lava Waterfall, Wintery Window. PSI – Autumn Paw Print Window (black lab), Sturdy Stone Lantern (bull terrier), Cats Meow Garden (sig. calico), Leafy Lounger (gecko), 2 Great Gorilla Hanging Chairs (gorilla), Catnip Canopy Gazebo (sig grey tabby), Winged Window (violet wing butterfly) Clothes – Pilgrim outfit and hat, Nefertitis robe and headdress, WackyER Zingoz shoes. Misc. – 2 Jam Makers Fridges, zum topiary, Medieval Bear Tapestry. Thanks for looking.

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      I would like the Gold Leaf Table. Can I also have the Northern Lands Statue? If that’s too much, I understand, I will just take the table. Thanks.

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        This was to AIW. Just so there is no confusion

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          silly me forgot to add Moonberry Pantry X 3, Moonberry Greenhouse X 2.

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            Sorry MIFree is actually me. My niece used my computer earlier and I didn’t realize it was on her account still.

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        MORHB- The Table and Statue sound good to me. So it Gold Leaf Table, Northern Lands Statue, and Cat’s Meow Garden for your two Giant Mugs and Lazy Muddy River? If this is correct just LMK and I’ll be happy to send my end on over. Thanks!

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      Hi, I’m interested in your Celestial Smore Campsite, Shell Shoes, and Winged Window (<-I can do a couple items for this). I can offer: Wonderful Webkinz Wardrobe (carrier code prize?), Dignified Dreams Bed (Sig Collection), Tropical Colors Water Fountain (Toco Toucan retired PSI), Wacky Eucalyptus TV (Koala PSI), possibly a retired Cozy Water Bed, Sandstone Spa (rare). I can offer Holiday Housecoat, Zangoz Slippers, Green Popstar Dress, or Crimson Red Robes (Red Panda PSI). PLMK :D

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        I’m sorry cutie, those were what I am looking for also. You have great taste. ;) The first list is my wish list. The other two are my trade lists.

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          Oh! LOL I must have totally missed that. Now that I go back and look at it, I realize that. I WAS wondering how you had so many of the items I needed LOL. You do have good taste. :D

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      MOHRB- Great! I was fortunate enough to get one piece of cake as a dig prize, but wouldn’t mind having two of those Mugs. There wasn’t a whole lot of digging spots during that quest; rather disappointing. Anyhow, here are some things I would trade for the Mug(s): Pirate Ship Cave Painting, Time Warp Clock, Pretty Pink Roses, Roberta Plushie, Alex Plushie, Yellow Plasma Ball, Spicy Inferno Peppers, Holographic Globe, Time Machine, Golden Apple tree, Northern Lands Statue, Work of Art Shrubbery, Gold Leaf Dining Table, Enchanted Garden Fountain, Classic Car Booth, Emerald Eye Pyramid. LMK if any of these would work for the mug(s). I prefer KP as well so no worries there lol. I believe we’re already friends, my UN is pookiejosephine. Thanks.

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      hey there! I would like to trade for your dapper casual pants and shoes.

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      MOHRB, If you’re still looking for the Cat’s Meow Garden, I am very interested in your Lazy Muddy River. LMK your thoughts on that. I believe we’re also trying to work something out for the Giant Mug, so hopefully I can come up with something to offer for that as well. :) Thanks.

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        I would love to make that trade. For the Giant Mug, can you make a list of what you have to trade for it? I do have two mugs and a Giant Piece of Cake, so if you want to take all three for something bigger, that would work too. I would prefer to send rather than use TR, hope that is ok with you.

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          Hi nice to talk to you :) I wanted to thank you for all the gifts syiww- see you in ww! ;) from your friend, gracie10294

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