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    I’m going to start with my Wish List, then post a Trade List when this is up. AP items – Dragon Fire, Celestial Smore Campsite, Rafi plush, Boris plush, cave crystal display box, Rocky Side Table, Rock Climbing Shoes, Shell Shoes Magic Forest – Alyssa plush, twirling leaf tiara, Charm Forest Sofa Caring Valley – Lovely Caring Bouquet Promo – Enchanted Firefly Lighthouse, Lava Waterfall, Wintery Window. PSI – Autumn Paw Print Window (black lab), Sturdy Stone Lantern (bull terrier), Cats Meow Garden (sig. calico), Leafy Lounger (gecko), 2 Great Gorilla Hanging Chairs (gorilla), Catnip Canopy Gazebo (sig grey tabby), Winged Window (violet wing butterfly) Clothes – Pilgrim outfit and hat, Nefertitis robe and headdress, WackyER Zingoz shoes. Misc. – 2 Jam Makers Fridges, zum topiary, Medieval Bear Tapestry. Thanks for looking.

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      Going to shorten my wish list: AP – Dragon’s Fire, Rocky Side Table. Magical Forest – Swirling Leaf Tiara. Promo – Lava Waterfall. PSI – Great Gorilla Hanging Chairs X 2. Clothes – Pilgrim outfit and hat. Jumbleberry Fields – Jam Makers Fridge, Moonberry Pantry X 2. Super Wheel – Medieval Bear Tapestry. Thanks to all who have made this list shorter either through trading or gifting. Thanks a bunch.

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