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    Trade List:
    Mrs. Santakinz Dress
    Toothy Bunny Mask
    Movie Star White Dress
    Forest Archer Dress
    Crafty Fairy’s Cloak
    Ghost Pirate’s Hat
    Pretty Poodle Vanity
    Lucky Horseshoe Fireplace
    Sunny Savanna Oasis
    Budgie Striped Sofa
    Googles Scrying Pond
    Wacky Eucalyptus Tv
    Harmonious Hammock
    Hidden Hot Springs
    Beautiful Blush Treadmill
    Tree Frog Trampoline
    True Blue Birdbath
    Pink and White Scratching Post Chair
    Rabbit Eared Television
    Relaxing Rocky Sauna
    Daredevil Bed
    Monster Under the Bed
    Caring and Sharing Television
    Webkinz Cares Painting
    Classic Christmas Tree
    Hover Sleigh
    Heart Warming Holiday Wreath
    Over Stuffed Stocking
    Glittering Gem Tree
    Grand Christmas Tree
    Christmas Treat Coffee Table
    Santakinz Side Table
    Santakinz Helper Stool
    Arte Holiday Plush
    Gargoyle Sofa
    Spooky Spiderweb
    Giant Spiderweb
    Freaky Full Moon Window
    Frightening Lightning Window
    Witch’s Banquet Place Setting
    Jack O Lantern Candelabra
    Jellybean Wreath
    Candy Eggs Picnic Basket

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      Trade List 3:
      Royal Reign Rug
      Her Serene Highness Sofa
      Enchanted Dreams Bed
      Exalted Armoire
      Spoiled Royal Side Table
      Ascended Princess Throne
      Bellacourt Blooming Flower
      Entitled Tapestry
      Baroness Bookshelf
      Contessa Wall Sconce
      Contessa Candle Lamp
      Neo Gothic Dresser
      Neo Gothic Coffee Table
      Neo Gothic Fireplace
      Neo Gothic Flat Screen
      Neo Gothic Nightstand
      Hand Sculpted Birdbath
      Flourishing Tree and Flowerbed
      Hand Sculpted Statue
      Apollo Fountain
      Elegant Victorian Fountain
      Serene Green Tree
      Secluded Garden Bench
      Victorian Garden Chair
      Victorian Garden Bench
      Tasteful and Tasty Tea Set
      Egyptian Wallpaper and Sacred Pyramid Flooring
      Pyramid Wallpaper and Sacred Pyramid Flooring
      Egyptian Television
      Egyptian Vase
      Royal Banquet Chair
      Sandstone Pedestal
      Golden Hippo Fridge
      Ancient Wading Pool
      Emperor’s Settee
      Emperor’s Dining Throne
      Centurion Candelabra
      Ancient Brazier
      Imperial Side Table
      Emperor’s Bed
      Legionnaire Shield

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        Oh my goodness gracious! You have lots of stuff I’m trying to get for my mom. She needs a Royal Reign Rug, an Entitled Tapestry, and the Contessa Wall Sconce and Candle Lamp (2, but I don’t know if you have 2). Of course I see a TON of stuff off of your other wishlists that I’m interested in for myself (Especially the Webkinz Day Trophies and such. I could have gotten them myself, but didn’t log on the day I could get them. Drat!), but I’m more interested in helping my mom with Jasmine’s room first. I sadly do not have anything off of your wishlist that I could offer, though I wish I could. I was thinking maybe I could post some stuff that I have for trade that you might like? That, and I have a trading forum up right now that you could look at, too. I’ll try my best to give you something worth those items in return! I also understand if you don’t wish to trade, either. Just let me know! Thanks.

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      Wish List 2:
      Weather vane
      Rocky side table
      Toy water wheel
      Unless platform
      Googly eyeglasses
      Patriotic top hat
      Carrot fridge X2
      Maroon argyle sweater
      Orange argyle sweater
      Yellow elm tree
      Smiling watermelon slices (world wide play day)
      Pilgrim hat
      Welcome back mat
      Autumn Colors Pool (mystery bag)
      Autumn Balcony Window (mystery bag)
      Gemstone Chair (mystery bag)
      Sunflower Sprite Outfit (mystery bag)
      Pumpkin Pie Stand
      Zingoz Zangoz Bouncer
      Spooky Breeze Scarecrow
      Mosaic Zingoz Flowerpot
      Fresh Fall Perch (Autumn owl)
      Gumball Pit (bubblegum cheeky cat)
      Sturdy Stone Lantern (bull terrier)
      Calicoat Closet (calico cat)
      Acorn Barbecue (chipmunk)
      Nutty Conveyor Belt (small sig. chipmunk)
      Gold Mine (donkey)
      Cat Trick Trampoline (grey and white cat)
      Autumn Tree Slide (harvest sheep)
      Lovely Tree Swing (love puffin)
      Mythical Tapestry (magical hippogriff)
      Midnight Snack Fridge (midnight owl)
      Unstable Stable (nightmare)
      Rainbow Cloud Couch (Pegasus)
      Harvest Hammock (turkey)

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        Oops, forgot to remove the Sunflower Sprite Outfit from the Estore section. I have that now, thanks ;) ~MORHB~

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          If anyone wants a candy dreamland dress please state your offer, my webkinz username is calitigertuxedo, you may add me.

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      Hey i really need the Christmas Grand tree and the overstuffed stocking and the Christmas Treat Coffee Table. (im trying to make a Christmas room before Christmas.) I have lots of fall leaf prizes and rares and misc. items so please let me know what you need.

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        oh yes btw i have the Medieval Bear Tapestry if you still need it so let me know! btw if we can use the kinzpost that works best for me. I will send first if you like.

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          Hi Clarissa. I will trade the Tapestry for all three items. Kinzpost works best for me also. I will send soon. Thanks for trading. ~MORHB~ Ps. If you have an extra rake from the new Fall Fest items, I would love to have one, but you don’t have to include it if you don’t want. Leaves are just not falling for me, so I’m not getting much but fire logs and leaf piles, lol. Have a great day.

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            I just sent the medieval Bear Tapestry and the fall rake. I also sent an extra cause you are so nice ty soo much

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              OH MY im soooo sorry i must have traded the bear tapestry. I feal so bad. :( i will send your stuff back if you want or i can send you other stuff just let me know. Btw i sent you the medieval unicorn tapestry on accident cause i didnt look at it and i thought it was the bear one. You can keep the gift i sent and i will send more to pay for the stuff you sent or i will send the stuff back. just let me know what you want i will wait till i see what you say and then do whatever you want. I FEEL SOOO BAD I AM SOO SORRY for wasting your time.

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              Hi clarissa, if you send back the tree you can keep the other two. The tree is the most valuable and I only had the one, but had a couple of the others. I will send your stuff back too, that way you can use it for trading with someone else. It’s not a problem, mistakes happen :) ~MORHB~

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      I would love the Mrs. santakinz dress and overstuffed stocking. : ) What would you like for them? -prettyluv

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        Hi mom, the tag line is mine, just so you know, my post went missing. I will trade for those two items, if OK with you. I have been rounding up some trees for you, even got three in a trade. Traded three good PSI for three trees, ROFL. Just kidding, I gifted those but asked for her trees. LOL But then, I am the worse trader around. TTYL DF

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          Haa, too funny DF. Thanks again for the trees :D ~mom~

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      Hi Mom. Thanks for the Free items and Clothes but I was wondering what do you want to trade for either the Hidden Hot Springs or the Sunny Savanna Oasis I don’t know what you want for them but I’ll wait to see what your wishlist has on it. Well anyway See you around W.W.

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        Hay Mom.I saw your wishlist and I have a few items you may need I have the Sinister Sippy, and the Winterfest Parka I’ll trade both for the Sunny Savanna Oasis if that’s okay, just let me know. See you around W.W.

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          Hi Again, I just saw your second Wishlist and I have a Carrot Fridge and a Orange Argyle Sweater and i’ll trade both for the Hidden Hot Springs, again if that’s okay and Question I don’t have a Maroon Argyle Sweater but I do have a Maroon Sweater Dress if you want that. Just let me know. and See you around W.W.

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            Hi mark. I no longer have the Hidden Hot Springs, sorry about that. I was looking up values of the Oasis and found that it is quite valuable. I would need the Sippy (2000 – 4000 value), Parka (50,000 – 60,000), Sweater (3000 – 5000) and the Fridge (5000 – 7000) for the Oasis (70,000 – 90,000). Just let me know if you still want to trade all items for the Oasis, or if you want to pass. It will be up to you. Thanks ~mom~

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              Okay not a problem, sorry I don’t care about value that much to be honest, but sure I can send them over, and I saw your other trade list and there are three items I would like but I don’t have much for them and don’t have any other items on your wish list sorry but I can send three items first and after that you can send over the Oasis I’ll start sending them over once you reply and goes through moderation. Okay. See you around W.W. P.S. I also have a Yellow Elm Tree and a Wool Scarf Jacket if interested.

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              Hi Again, I got your Package hope you enjoy the items and the Oasis is just lovely and hope your family is feeling better Thank You mom. and See you around W.W.

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