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    Trade List:
    Mrs. Santakinz Dress
    Toothy Bunny Mask
    Movie Star White Dress
    Forest Archer Dress
    Crafty Fairy’s Cloak
    Ghost Pirate’s Hat
    Pretty Poodle Vanity
    Lucky Horseshoe Fireplace
    Sunny Savanna Oasis
    Budgie Striped Sofa
    Googles Scrying Pond
    Wacky Eucalyptus Tv
    Harmonious Hammock
    Hidden Hot Springs
    Beautiful Blush Treadmill
    Tree Frog Trampoline
    True Blue Birdbath
    Pink and White Scratching Post Chair
    Rabbit Eared Television
    Relaxing Rocky Sauna
    Daredevil Bed
    Monster Under the Bed
    Caring and Sharing Television
    Webkinz Cares Painting
    Classic Christmas Tree
    Hover Sleigh
    Heart Warming Holiday Wreath
    Over Stuffed Stocking
    Glittering Gem Tree
    Grand Christmas Tree
    Christmas Treat Coffee Table
    Santakinz Side Table
    Santakinz Helper Stool
    Arte Holiday Plush
    Gargoyle Sofa
    Spooky Spiderweb
    Giant Spiderweb
    Freaky Full Moon Window
    Frightening Lightning Window
    Witch’s Banquet Place Setting
    Jack O Lantern Candelabra
    Jellybean Wreath
    Candy Eggs Picnic Basket

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      no prob thought you would never reply so traded my others thanks my heart stoped when i saw you sent it and i sent that and well bleh XD spongebob square pants comes to mind

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      Okie dokie! I’ll send soon! Thanks MORHB! –Maddie :)

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      Hi MORHB, could I have Spider Web? I am also interested in a lot of items on your list, but since I haven’t been playing long I don’t have many valuable or holiday items!! Could you just gift? -Atom If so: Are any of the trees or santakinz furniture items available? Thank you and have a nice day. Feel free to add me, my user is frogsandfly! It would be great to have another friend on my WW accout!!

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      Hi maddie, yes I did send you a little gift the other day. Not sure what you needed and I always try to send three items when I have extra in my dock. Nothing needed in return, I enjoy sharing my stuff DF

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      what for the santakinz dress you sent me

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