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    Zodiac Air shoes, pants, shirt and hat
    Zodiac Earth shirt, hat, pants and shoes
    Road trip yellow shirt and hat
    Road trip red shirt and hat
    Springtime Cardigan
    Springtime leather skirt
    Girl cave explorer top and skirt
    Team lug shirt
    Turquoise ruffled skirt, turquoise hoodie and turquoise flats
    Turquoise one piece summer shorts
    Cloud tuxedo jacket
    Magnolia tree
    Green stage light
    Vases of pink petunia’s
    Pretty pink roses
    Glowing lamp
    Blooming coffee table
    Nafaria potted vine
    Nafaria House candelabra
    Alyssa House candelabra
    Nafaria plush
    Touring van
    2011 touring van
    2012 touring van
    Tangerine chair, toy box and lamp
    Blue striped chair, toy box, lamp and dining table
    Rose Zircon birthstone gem lamp
    Garnet birthstone gem lamp
    Amethyst birthstone gem lamp
    Aquamarine birthstone gem lamp
    Diamond birthstone gem lamp
    Sapphire birthstone gem lamp
    May birthstone gem lamp
    Alexandrite birthstone gem lamp
    PJ Collie framed poster
    Lavender love letters
    Nibbles Camcorder
    Alex ‘Kinz plushie
    Cowabelle ‘Kinz plushie
    Roberta ‘Kinz plushie
    Nibbles ‘Kinz plushie
    Cancer Symbol wall decoration
    Gemeni Symbol wall decoration
    Virgo Symbol wall decoration
    Watermelon hat
    Watermelon skirt
    Nutcracker prince jacket
    Googly Eyeglasses
    Forest Archer dress
    Wildflower Headdress
    Wizard school professor’s robe
    Queen of hearts gown
    Patriotic Tuxedo Jacket
    Fiery flamenco dress
    Peaceful Meadow Window
    Pink beret
    Yellow chick plushie
    Celebrate spring teacup
    Starlight Head Wreath, robe and sandals
    Stylish City dress
    Rockin’ Reindeer Sweater
    Winterfest Pajama Pants
    Fire log rack
    Fire log basket
    Once this posts the second half of my trade list will come :) LT

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      Oh, whoops! Apparently my cousin (Lizzy318) only needs the Frog Prince Hat and Shoes! Everything else I posted is accurate. ^^ We all have some retired Webkinz, so that’s good if you want us to send you some PSF. (I could just send you 1 of each of the PSF and you can do whatever you want with any extras that you have).

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      Hey LT! Is it okay if I ask you to send me Frog Prince Hat, Costume (I don’t need the shoes) and the Haunted Toilet to me? I’m not a deluxe member, so I can’t get it. D: Also, my mom needs the Frog Costume hat and Shoes (SheilaTulip) and also the toilet. My cousin ALSO needs the toilet and the Frog Costume hat and Shoes (Lizzy318) Oh goodness. ^^;; I’ll gladly send you some PSI or something else in return (I have some rare pets like the Lava Dragon and Love Puppy), if you’d like! I just know Halloween is around the corner, and these items will be out of the WShop before I can bat an eyelash! Thanks so much! ~Arti

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        I would love to send those costumes Arti!! And please, you should know by know I wouldn’t need your psi in return! ;) LOL. I will send out some invites (I don’t think I have your mom or cousin) and send over the items. Let me know if there are any other Halloween items you need! Lamb

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        Thank you Lamb and DF for sending the stuff over! I know my mom will be happy to dress O’Malley in the frog prince outfit! Lamb, DF covered everything else, so don’t worry about sending my mom or my cousin anything! Thank you guys so much. ^^ DF if you need anything in return, let me know!

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          Your welcome Arti! Enjoy! Lamb

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      Hi LambTyler. My would love your Queen of Hearts Gown to go with the Wonderland Room theme that she has started but I don’t know where your wish list is to see if she has anything that you want. Where can I find it?

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        Hi Tammy! I am sorry to say I already traded my queen of hearts gown, but I will look for another one for you. As for my wish list, it can be found on the first page of this forum. It says wishlist at the top with caps. I also put up a new forum called “Lamb’s trade list #4″ (its awaiting moderation though) so when that goes up you can also look at an updated list then. LMK! Thanks, LT

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          Thanks LT. I took a look and unfortunately my daughter doesn’t have anything on your list but we’ll keep checking back.

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      Hi dogfish! I sent your doll! :)

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        Hi I am so happy you liked what I sent. I scan the forums and saw you asking about those. JLMK if you need an extra window. I like two in my big rooms. I have the neo walls also, if you still need those. Arti already has the doll, I sent it right over, thanks for the trade. DF

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          Hi dogfish! You’re welcome. ;) Another window would be really nice, since I’m putting them in a large room. :) Is there anything you want in return? PLMK Thanks for the offer!~Adorabeezle Winterpop

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          Hi dogfish! THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THE SECOND PRESENT!!!!!!!!! :D I wish I could give you a GREAT BIG HUG right now! Again, everything is HIGHLY appreciated. Besides the fire truck, I’ve been trying to win the doll in the magical forest for a very long time. I never got one from the forest, so I gave up. Thank you so much! You really made my day! ( I had a rough morning the day I got your gift: it cheered me up.) Have a sweet day!~SC :D

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      Hi dogfish! THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! I’M SO HAPPY!!!!!!! :D I squealed with joy when I got your gift! I’m TOTALLY you sending that doll for Artisticat!!! You’re so generous!!! Sorry, I’m just so excited!!! You really made my day!!! I wish you a super sweet weekend!!! Is there anything you need?~sugar rush princess

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