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    Zodiac Air shoes, pants, shirt and hat
    Zodiac Earth shirt, hat, pants and shoes
    Road trip yellow shirt and hat
    Road trip red shirt and hat
    Springtime Cardigan
    Springtime leather skirt
    Girl cave explorer top and skirt
    Team lug shirt
    Turquoise ruffled skirt, turquoise hoodie and turquoise flats
    Turquoise one piece summer shorts
    Cloud tuxedo jacket
    Magnolia tree
    Green stage light
    Vases of pink petunia’s
    Pretty pink roses
    Glowing lamp
    Blooming coffee table
    Nafaria potted vine
    Nafaria House candelabra
    Alyssa House candelabra
    Nafaria plush
    Touring van
    2011 touring van
    2012 touring van
    Tangerine chair, toy box and lamp
    Blue striped chair, toy box, lamp and dining table
    Rose Zircon birthstone gem lamp
    Garnet birthstone gem lamp
    Amethyst birthstone gem lamp
    Aquamarine birthstone gem lamp
    Diamond birthstone gem lamp
    Sapphire birthstone gem lamp
    May birthstone gem lamp
    Alexandrite birthstone gem lamp
    PJ Collie framed poster
    Lavender love letters
    Nibbles Camcorder
    Alex ‘Kinz plushie
    Cowabelle ‘Kinz plushie
    Roberta ‘Kinz plushie
    Nibbles ‘Kinz plushie
    Cancer Symbol wall decoration
    Gemeni Symbol wall decoration
    Virgo Symbol wall decoration
    Watermelon hat
    Watermelon skirt
    Nutcracker prince jacket
    Googly Eyeglasses
    Forest Archer dress
    Wildflower Headdress
    Wizard school professor’s robe
    Queen of hearts gown
    Patriotic Tuxedo Jacket
    Fiery flamenco dress
    Peaceful Meadow Window
    Pink beret
    Yellow chick plushie
    Celebrate spring teacup
    Starlight Head Wreath, robe and sandals
    Stylish City dress
    Rockin’ Reindeer Sweater
    Winterfest Pajama Pants
    Fire log rack
    Fire log basket
    Once this posts the second half of my trade list will come :) LT

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      Thank you so much LambTyler!~SC :D

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      Hi LambTyler! Thank you so much for the trade! BTW,what’s the value of the purple pumpkin dining table from 2010? I have one for trade. Since the doll is so valuable( sorry I didn’t send it yet), and you want the table, would that be a more fair trade? If not,or if you don’t need the table anymore, I’ll just send the doll instead. I can also send the moolah stepping stones and a trufflula tree painting too, if you want. ;) PLMK. Have a sweet weekend!~SC

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        Hi sweetcupcake! The value of the table is 50 000 or more. And I do need the table but overall, that would make your value even higher. Because I would also love if you sent the stepping stones and the painting. So its up to you what you would like to send out of those extras. I will definitely keep a look out for stuff on your list. P.S. I did already send the ambulance and gown over, you got it right? Thanks, Lamb

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          Hi LambTyler! Yes I got your gift, and I just sent mine. Thank you so much!!! :D I’m holding on to my dolls( LOL), and because you were SO patient with me, I think you deserve something that’s higher in value. :) Because of that, I will send the table+the stepping stones and the painting, because I think you deserve more. :D However, because I can only send you one gift a day, I sent you the table, painting, and one stepping stone today, and I will send the last two stepping stones tomorrow. I wish I had more stepping stones, but I only have 3. Sorry. Let me know if you need more, and I’ll try to win some from Moolah Mountain, but IDK how long it would take, because they’re hard to get, but I don’t need them. Have a sweet day!~Adorabeezle Winterpop

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      hey LT I am really interested in your fiery flamenco dress, but I don’t have anything on your wishlist! could I offer you something? Do you think my Green popstar dress would work? if not ill give you a different offer! lmk if you are interested1 Ty ~tulip19~

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        Hi tulip! I am sorry, but I don’t want to trade my flamenco dress for green popstar dress. Thank you for the offer though! Let me know if you have a different one or if you find anything off my list. Lamb

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      Hello Becky, if you read this. I was looking through the comments today and saw that my thank you post never went through. So I know this is kind of late, but I wanted to say a huge thank you. I know we never exactly started off on a good foot, but you did forgive me, and gave me a second chance. For that I am ever grateful, because you are a wonderful friend. I am not just talking about the gifts (LOL) but just in general. If you are not busy, I would love to show you some rooms (with the items you sent) and chat with you! Thanks a million times over, Lamb

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      Hi dogfish! :) I read your post, and I’ll think about it. I posted my wish list on page 5 here. Could you let me know if you have any of the items on it? I mostly want the big bark clock tower, palatial platform, diamond piano, puppy patrol car, and rapid rescue fire truck the most( I’m making a fire station and police station in my pet’s house: I’m also making a town, and the ambulance is for the hospital. ) If Artisticat doesn’t have the items I want,OR if you have the ambulance like Lamb does and you also have some of or all of the items I really want, I’ll trade with you instead and keep 3 dolls. IDK. It depends what happens. LambTyler and Artisticat, don’t think that I’m giving up on you too. I will let you too know what happens, and if we will trade or not, so please be patient. :) Thank you for the offer dogfish! Have a sweet day!~sugar rush princess PS: I’ll friend you. My user name is VBS123

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        Hi cupcake, I think I have all of those, except the ambulance, which I may have given all of mine away. I was hoping to gift the doll to artistcat, I already gave one to Lamb. That way we would all have at least one. Unless my friend Lamb was wanting an extra doll. I’ll ask her. Go ahead and trade with my two friends, it’s quite alright with me. I don’t trade as a rule, but do try to get items I see my friends wanting sometimes. Have a great day, DF

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          Hi dogfish, and LambTyler! Please read this post. dogfish, I friended you and I’m willing to send you a doll if you’re giving it to Artisticat as a gift( you’re so kind! :D) so she doesn’t have to send me 20 items( she actually told me she would, but I think that’s a little too ridiculous, so I’ll trade with you instead of her.). :) Also, you don’t have to tell me which items I want that you have. If you want, you can just send them, then I’ll send you a doll. LambTyler, I’ll send you your doll as soon as you send me my stuff. ;) Have a sweet day you two, and thank you very much!~sugar rush princess PS: Lamb, the other stuff you wanted like the moolah stepping stones, I’ll send to you too. What’s your username?

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            Hi sweetcupcake. Ok that you are going to trade, I will send over the ambulance and queen of hearts gown. My username is Bubblon. Thanks for trading with me! Lamb

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            Hi cupcake, Ok that works for me, I will find some of your wants and send tonight. If you want to exchange anything for a different item, NP I do exchanges now. LOL JLMK if you like what I send or not, Thanks DF

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              Thank you so much dogfish! Don’t worry: whatever you send will be highly appreciated! :) Have a sweet weekend!~sugar rush princess

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          Aww, thank you DF! ;w; I’ve been looking for one for forever (I’d say around 3-4 years or so)! Even before these forums and things really existed for trading (Especially before Webkinz Newz gave out free items for events all the time. Back when it was really hard to make Kinzcash on Webkinz! Lol.). I’ll see if I can trade with Cupcake! I know it’s worth a LOT in trading value.

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            Hi Artisticat! Because I’m trading with dogfish, they have your( formally one of mine) :) corn husk doll. :D dogfish told me that they want to send it to you as a gift! Enjoy your doll when you get it! BTW, I will look for the plushies you want as well. If I have any of them, let me know what rare items you have. I’m looking for the neo gothic dining table and wallpaper, and maybe some other rare stuff. :) Have a sweet weekend!~sugar rush princess

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              Yay! Thank you so much! Let me know what the results are once you look at the plush I listed. ^^ Also, thank you so much DF! I really appreciate the help. <3 I was about to work on my Wishlist and put the Corn Husk Doll in the “Most Wanted” section of my Wishlist that I didn’t have there before. I was so happy when I got that gift!

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              Do you also have any of the items on my wish list for trade except for the palatial platform, autumn window, and bathtub? dogfish just sent me those 3 items, so they’re not on my wishlist anymore.

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        Hi sweet cupcake. I added your account and you accepted. I don’t think you are giving up on anyone LOL. If you end up trading with dogfish instead of me, that’s perfectly fine. In fact, if you only trade 2 I would prefer you turn to Artisticat before me and give her a chance to get one because I already have one, I just wanted to balance out my room a bit. Thanks, LT

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