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    Hi! i’m pretty good with animals, i used to have a lot of dogs (once had 16 at once), i used to have a lot of really old cats, most of them passed :( but 1 24 year old cat still remains named Peanut, and i have a guinea pig named Pookie. So, If you need advice, 1. what kind of animal is it 2. its name (optional) 3. Your Problem 4. Its Gender.. ~animal Lover~ CC44

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      My Idea is: candycane44′s and Snowflake Pup Queen’s Horse advice

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      Snowflake Pup Queen; we could start a new forum together though! i know a decent amount about them and i could look it up also. i’m learning more about them because when we moved, our landlord lets people keep their horses their… so we have a black/grey horse girl (we call her Misty), a red horse that looks like a rocky mt. pony (we call her Rocky), a mule (we call her Dusty) and the donkey’s name is jackson.

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      Snowflake Pup Queen; sorry, but i do not need your help. my apologies. i will ask you for help when nessecary. Angelgirldog7; thank you for asking! Training a dog tricks is a wonderful way to create a bond between an owner and a dog. Some simple ones that i began with are; Sit, lay down, and shake. if you want me to post how to train her those tricks, i will be more than glad to post it!! if you already trained her some tricks, just grab a book and read with Samantha by your side. i do that with my cat and guinea pig (usually just do school beside them. i’m homeschooled, so… yeah.), and my cat (Peanut), just sits there purring beside me. as for not coming when called; some dogs just dont click with that. do you call her by multiple names all the time? that may help with confusing her with what her name is. she also may be losing hearing or have had hearing issues throughout her life. do you know anything from her background? that could help a lot. or was she born to you guys? Hope this helped! if none of this worked, i would be happy to post some more stuff. -CC44- P.S. Tell Samantha I said happy b-day when she turns 7!!

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      i have a Shih Tzu ( dog breed) named Samantha. she will be 7 in December. i was 7 when we got her and didn’t really no how to form a human to dog relastionship. is there still a way to become very good friends with her? i mean, we play with her doggy toys and she won’t bite me, but she doesn’t always come to me when called. and she steals my toys a lot too! LOL, ~Horses, Dogs, And Dolphins!

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        Have to say this (am like pretty good friendds with the neighbors dog if i do say so my self) but maybe play with her alot (hours) show her you are trustworthy. Maybe try being a little more firm when you call her name. Kinda get her really where she can trust you and knows you won’t hurt her. Why I say that is not you (I don’t know you well enough) but with animals I feel they can’t trust humans because of the one’s that hurt animals I mean if you look through there eyes you see something huge that you don’t know whats safe and whats not. Maybe try that and sorry candycane44 give your advice i mean but LMK how that works angelgirldog7 and give trust and faith to your pooch

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        and for toy stealing just tell her gently but a little firmly that she can’t do that but reassure her that you still love her but she shouldn’t be stealing your toys. Maybe if she doesn’t quit then try taking her toy and hiding it (give it back once you get yours and make sure you tell her “Samantha you aren’t getting it back until you hand me mine”) she will eventually get the message that it’s not okay and just stop and I’m sure she’ll get it. Hope my advice works but also try whatever candycane44 says. Sorry again Candycane44 (if my last post goes through and hello futernauts)

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      do ya want help I can do an animal ya don’t have listed (horse’s) even though i don’t have one i can look it up in a book that I have

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        forgot to add this; at our new house there is two dogs that come over a lot. i think one is a lab and the other is a mutt

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