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    Hi! i’m pretty good with animals, i used to have a lot of dogs (once had 16 at once), i used to have a lot of really old cats, most of them passed :( but 1 24 year old cat still remains named Peanut, and i have a guinea pig named Pookie. So, If you need advice, 1. what kind of animal is it 2. its name (optional) 3. Your Problem 4. Its Gender.. ~animal Lover~ CC44

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      I’m so sorry about all of your pets!!! I’m sure you took great care of them, and they lived happy lives!!! Do you need any help??? I’m very good with animals, I’m currently working with my vet, as her assistant.

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      Ok, but you can abreviate it to CC44 instead of candycane44. if nessesary.. u dont need too. and i dont care who starts it. ;D

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      thank you both! we know she is pure Shih Tzu because she was born to the parents of a lady my dad worked with. and i do get upset when she steals my toys and maybe i am kind of harsh to her when she does. she knows all of those tricks, but it has been awhile since ive done them with her. maybe i should start doing them once a day with her, we have a clicker. and i am homeschooled too!!!!!. and could i be a part of ya’ll new forum? i know a little bit about horses since i have an awesome horse book!!! ~ Horses, Dogs, And Dolphins!!!

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        Yeah when you disiplin her I beleive that it should be firm but show that you still love her. Tough Love

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      maybe we could call it; Horse advice!! with your hosts, Snowflake Pup Queen, and CC44

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      Whats your nickname? snowflake pup queen? if thats it, than maybe; snowflake pup queen and CC44 horse advice!!!

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        SPQ or Snow and perfect user you start it and also angel I’m gonna leave that up to candycane44 I say yes but don’t know what she would say. If ya know about them. ♥SnowflakePupQueen♥

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