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    I gave my little niece a free account with a new pet so she could do everything a regular member can. Because she is young, her mother will not allow her to add friends yet. She is trying to build a stable (horse room) or her clydesdale. I have gotten her most of the wshop items, and the walls from Jumbleberry Fields. If anyone has any horse related items, please let me know. I will work out a trade for whatever. It will have to be sent to me so I can send it to her. PLMK and Thanks for any and all help. ~MORHB~

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      hey bob do u still need the martian helmet? i think i may have one left but u gotta answer my friend request :)

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      I have the Black Friesian PSI if you want, its a haybale sofa thing UN is bob10d

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        Awesome. Thanks bob. Is there anything you would like for it? LMK. I will send a FR later today (Friday), or if you want to send the FR, my UN is the same. ~MORHB~

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          Thanks for the thank you letter MORHB! If you have anything lying around that would be nice, but I am working on a Neo Gothic and wizard room. UN is bob10d

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      Hi! I’m not sure if anyone’s mentioned this, but I think some of the Fall Fest items would look good in a Stable room, as well as certain PSI, like the Starlight Stable or the Unstable Stable.

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      ok i almost have enough for the bed and you did say you did not want the rug right?

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      @ DF Sure, if you have an extra sofa, I will send it to her. I will let you know whether or not pony sends the bed. Thanks for all your help (and the scooby gang too, lol) @ Becky, she loves her silo. Her new favorite item, lol. Thanks for all your help.

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        Your welcome, glad she liked. I also have that photo with the horses so if no one has sent to you I can send one of mine. Just keep me posted.

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          Thanks Becky, Chloe already sent the horse photo. Thanks for all your help!

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