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    I gave my little niece a free account with a new pet so she could do everything a regular member can. Because she is young, her mother will not allow her to add friends yet. She is trying to build a stable (horse room) or her clydesdale. I have gotten her most of the wshop items, and the walls from Jumbleberry Fields. If anyone has any horse related items, please let me know. I will work out a trade for whatever. It will have to be sent to me so I can send it to her. PLMK and Thanks for any and all help. ~MORHB~

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      Hi MORHB, I hope the items I sent you, were able to use for your niece.

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      @ DF, I think she is pretty much set now. Becky, (thanks for everything becky) sent a few items over too. So, we are still looking for the brown arabian victory photo PSI, and pony2102 is sending a bed from Mazin Hamsters (thanks pony). Her room is great, I’m actually a little jealous, lol. She loves her peek a boo silo that Becky sent. She can’t get enough of it. Thanks everyone for looking out.

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        Ok mom, I was going to send the sneaky silo also.. I can get the other PSI tonight. Do you need the hay bale sofa? Or do you want to use the wagon wheel? LMK if you don’t get the hay wagon bed. My bff sent me some. The apple pie bed, super bed, looks cute also. DF

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      She is looking for the brown arabian PSI, not the Pinto. Sorry for the confusion.

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      i have a horse so i have horse stuff i can send it to you

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        Thanks for the offer belle. Right now I am mainly looking for the 3 horse photo that is a psi. Pinto, I think? I have others sending stuff too. If you want to donate, I will send it to her. Maybe she will make another room if the one gets over crowded. Thanks.

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      ok as soon as i get enough moolah i will send it to you! do you want both? if so i will probably get the bed first and then the rug k?

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        @ Pony – The bed will be fine. Thanks so much. She just got some other things donated from someone else, so her room is coming together beautifully.

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