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    Hello everyone! Pet Talk is a forum I created to ( that’s right! ) talk about pets! I will post a new pet topic every week. This week’s topic is: Which regular webkinz pet or pets do you think is the best one ganz ever made, and why? My personal favorite right now is the musical dalmatian because I play and love music. Next week’s topic is about the signatures. :)

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      Sweetzie, I forgot to tell you like a month ago I watched the entire ice age movie collection I loved peaches in continental drift

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        Which one is your favorite? I like the first one the most. :)

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          Continental drift. I love how Crash and Elliot (the possums) are supposed to spy on her and then come out. The falls, BEST SCENE EVER from ice age.

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            love that movie, one of my favorites! My favorite scenes- when the possums are telling Louis their “secret” , Captain Gutt falls for the fish, and when Granny gets her new teeth. (so many more also.)

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              XD, I loved the whole movie. Peaches fail at trying to fit in. A cute fail

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      I’m trying to figure out some emoticons. :music: :dog: :cat: :heart:

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