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    Hello everyone! Pet Talk is a forum I created to ( that’s right! ) talk about pets! I will post a new pet topic every week. This week’s topic is: Which regular webkinz pet or pets do you think is the best one ganz ever made, and why? My personal favorite right now is the musical dalmatian because I play and love music. Next week’s topic is about the signatures. :)

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      OMG Yay :mrgreen: :lol:

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        Well, I have a quick question, anyway. Have you ever unlocked Princess Daisy in Mario Kart? If so, how? The reason why I’m asking is because I know that some cups you have to win to get a certain character, and I heard that to unlock her, you need to win the 150cc special cup. I’ve received a 2nd or 3rd place trophy in that cup, and I read online that you win if you got 1st,2nd, or 3rd place( is this true? ). Do I have to win 1st place? I’m trying to unlock all the characters, and right now I’m really close to unlocking Dry Bones. ;)

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          Never mind-disregard that. I won 1st place and unlocked her. :mrgreen:

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          To unlock Princess Daisy, you have to win the 150cc Special Cup. Alternatively, you can complete a certain number of races, although I do not remember the number. Hope this helped! (Also, Dry Bones is awesome! I mostly play as King Boo, though.)

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            Hi Fracktail! :D Thank you so much! :) Now, I’m trying to unlock everyone else. I mostly play Toadette and Diddy Kong. Have a sweet day!~SC

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      Sorry for not posting, for the owl, HOW ON EARTH ARE THEY TO MAKE AN OWL DIFFERENT, it is not really a “pallet swap” and besides it’s not like how they do with the puppies.

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        I just think that they kind of look alike. Sorry if this upset you. :( I won’t be doing this forum anymore anyway because I’m getting bored with it, plus I’m running out of ideas. :lol:

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          You didn’t upset me, but for owls how doo they make them look different. The puppies they can. Any who can we just talk to eachother on here? I feel like e never really talk. If we could I would look like :mrgreen:

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            We can. ;) :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :lol:

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      This week’s topic: I think that the whoo la la owl is sort of a pallet swap of the opal owl. :)

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      This week’s topic: I like the idea of music classes at the Kinzville Academy in the ”talent courses”. :) What do you think?

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      This week’s topic: uh, I’m running out of ideas. Oops… :P Anyone can create a topic this week because I don’t know what to put. LOL XD

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