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    hi ;) ! in this forum I will give away prizes every Thursday!! just post your webkinz world username and then you have a chance to win!! I will put the usernames in a jar and then I will draw out three people !! those three will win first prize ! the fist prize is a bed, table, and a chair from a surprise room theme! then I will draw two more usernames. those two usernames will win second prize. secnd prize is a lamp and a bed side table from a surprise room theme. and then I will draw one last name. that username will win third prize wich is a rug from a surprise room theme. everyone else will receive a w tales book. it will be a surprise wich w tales you will get! I will post the winners here and I will also send them there gift! please give up to 3 days to give you your gift because I am very busy! once you post your name I will try to friend you . my user name on webkinz world is mollyberger. please friend me or I cant give you your gift! thx! :) :p :D

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      let me make a note that the winner is picked by random. I don’t choose the winner. if you don’t win please don’t post angry notes. this is by random. and remember that you all win something. if not enough players post there usernames here I will move the date were I draw the names. I need at least 6 people giving there username. the draw date might be moved to Thursday or Friday. and please give me up to 3 days to give out the prize. if you haven’t gotten your prize after 3 days of me drawing the names please tell me! but if I don’t have the prize in my dock and I think I sent it to you I cant really do anything. but I will try to give the prize as soon as I can. even if I post the winners here it does not mean that I have already sent the gift. I often go onto ganz world in the afternoon so that’s when I will post the winners. so I will check in the morning how many people have posted there usernames and then I will post whether I have to move the draw date. thx!! your fashionable friend mollyberger

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      thx everyone! I will be adding you as friends . note : if not enough people give there usernames I might have to move the drawing to Friday or Saturday. I will tell if that happens.

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        my username is Gracie10294 This is a nice idea!:) Thanks and Merry Christmas to ALL!:) -Gracie<3

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      Hey! we are already added but if you forget who i am my user is Glitter1414 I think i added you on another one of your fourms! but this is such a GENIUS idea!!! GL everyone! I wish in my give away everyone could have gotten a prize it made me feel bad because there were SUPER nice comments but this was a really good idea! you are super nice! HOPE I WIN! :D

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      Thank you!! My username is Grizzypoo2!! Have a Merry Christmas!! :)

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      Wow…this sounds like so much fun!! My username is Hunnypoo128 and I would love to be in your raffle!! Thank you and Merry Christmas!! :)

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        HEY MOLLY!!! How are you? I wonder why people haven’t posted on our forum yet. I guess it did take a while for people to post on my forum. Anyway, MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!!!!!!!

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          hay there bgos!! I thinking maybe we should put a fashion article soon so maybe people would reply if they saw that. im doing great!! sorry I kept on leaving when we wrere playing together. :( something was wrong with my computer and it kept logging me off. talk to ya later!

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