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    I think webkinz should have more channels on the tvs. like they could have one where you can watch your friends movies? tell me what you think

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      I think a fashion show! And sponge bob

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      I think they should have more channels,but this time people could MAKE them with movie makers from the W shop.I think it would be fun to share our ideas.Maybe we could have a choice to share or not.

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      I agree; I only buy television sets for decoration now because the TV shows are so boring. I will admit, the Winner’s Shows are pretty funny, but their novelty has long since worn off. If they’re going to keep the same channels, Ganz could at least update the Winner’s Shows with a contest; after all, Webkinz has expanded enough so that there will be many submissions to choose for the new shows. However, there is a lot of room for more channel ideas; for example, the Webkinz Stadium contests could be uploaded onto TV as well as in the stadium itself. Another thing I was thinking of was an animated cartoon; although this one’s pretty far-fetched, it’d be cool to see our favorite Webkinz characters come to life on the TV screen.

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