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    Hey guys! This is a contest to see who’s the best person in Webkinz News, and why. You cannot nominate yourself. I nominate sweetcupcake16, because she is so nice, and friendly to everyone!!!! Thanks for being such a great friend!!!! Allwordsareforyou.

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      I’m new to Ganzworld but just from reading these comments you guys all sound so nice. Friend me passwordn on webkinz.

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        Hi passwordn2! I’ll friend you! I’m VBS123. Nice to meet you! Have a sweet day!~SC

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        I am going to friend you as well, I am EmiliaGG on webkinz and on WKN you can call me snow. See ya around. Bye

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      Boxing day??? LOL I LOVE CANADIANS! AND I LOVE BRITISH PPL! i love british ppl alot… lol love the accent!

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        Neat. I am british so…………………………………. But you know you have to love Canadians

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      I would nominate the one and o my Snowflake Pup Queen! She is so kind and nice to others. If we can nominate more then one I would like to nominate sweetcupcake16 =)

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        Thanks. Happy Boxing Day (British/Canadian Holiday) -Snow

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        Also I feel I can be hurtful when it comes to some stuff I might just take a little to open up to. Thanks again have a great rest of break.-Snow

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      I would like to nominate sweetcupcake16 & golbybrittnciole because sweetcupcake was the first one to post on my first forum, kin post plus :,) . I’m nominating goldbybrittnicole because I love Britt Nicole, lol. :D Merry CHRISTmas! :D

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      I nominate Jesusismylord for lots of reasons. Agentequ

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