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    What is the craziest/funniest/weirdest name you’ve given to one of your pets? For me, I’d have to say my Snowy Owl. I named his Alabaster because it sounded cool and turns out the definition of the name refers to a white mineral that is often used to carve ornaments. Ornaments and snowy owls sorta relate to winter time, right?

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      I named my little koala after the Dwarf in Lord of the Rings Gimli. (not my wackiest yet, I plan to get a schnauzer and name it Gandalf, lol)

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      I have a dolphin named Adolphus Dolphin, I was one of my first pets and i was little and my suggested it and i did it for some reason. A koala I had got from my aunt is named Ferb Eats Herbs it was because i had a dream that about Ferb (from phineas and ferb). I have a pink dalmation named Kudzu because i got it on a vacation and we passed through alabama and all there was was boring trees a the kudzu (look it up!) and it was a funny name so… i have reasons! :(

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        How do you put smilies in your post because i never remember putting one on there!

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      I named my pig Miss Piggy, and like two of my pets Cutie Pie.

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      I named my first Webkinz pet which was a Tawny Pup his name was tawny pup. The says it all about the pet and people ask me why I named my pet that in Kinz Chat Plus. The name doesn’t really bother me, its just I want capital letters instead of lower case. Now that I play on a Gem Dog it doesn’t bother me. Then on my younger brothers account which is now my spare my brother has named the pet “kill master” it scares people and yet others think the name is cool. The names are just funny in my mind. Thanks -N1-

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        XD I so wanna name apet that. Then get KC Plus and then go to the trading room and invite people to trade. I WANNA CREEP THEM OUT -0) (0-

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        wow I’m surprised it let him name his pet that, it wouldn’t let my little brother name his chicken Boo-Boo Chicken, and I’ve seen lots worse than that.

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      Squirm the caterpillar Stretch the giraffe and last but not least the weirdest one is derpy llama the alpaca ( don`t ask me why i did not have a name for it and a put his code online but i want to rename him Liam

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        Awww… before my little brother had a webkinz account he had a webkinz jr. giraffe named stretch it was so cute

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