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    What is the craziest/funniest/weirdest name you’ve given to one of your pets? For me, I’d have to say my Snowy Owl. I named his Alabaster because it sounded cool and turns out the definition of the name refers to a white mineral that is often used to carve ornaments. Ornaments and snowy owls sorta relate to winter time, right?

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      There is one slightly crazy one I have. Icky, my iguana. I think I messed up, because I was thinking Iggy. If I could change it, I defiantly would. My Harmony Puppy’s name is Treble Clef, which is kindda weird. Silent Wind, my Lil’ Kinz Black and White Cat, is a cool name to me, but I know some people would consider it strange. My Stormy Dragon’s name is Hrothgar. He is named after a character from one of my favorite fantasy series. My Fox’s name is Flame, my Lil’ Kinz Rabbit is Cotton Cloud, and my Splash Dragon is Auden (also named after a character from another of my favorite fantasy series). I have about 29 Webkinz right now. There are a lot that I would like to get though.

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      One of my first Webkinz was a unicorn, and for some reason or another I named her “Fizzy Pop” (as in the soda). I guess it’s kind of cute, but I can think of better names now.

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      when I was little I had a girl dragon and I thought I should call it sparkle tummy but then I thought about pok -a-dot – berry and so that’s my dragons name pok -a – dot – berry and that is the craziest name I gave my webkinz

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      i told my sister to name hers meatloaf! and she did

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      i named my batik elaphant “anastasia” and my lil’ kinz seal “snow pearl”. they fit my pets persanality’s perfectly! i have ten pets, BTW. soon to be twelve, i ordered two pets (rockerz cow and pink punch cheeky dog) from amazon and there going to arrive at the end of january! the cow is gonna be named sweetie bell! >~pop~<

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