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    What is the craziest/funniest/weirdest name you’ve given to one of your pets? For me, I’d have to say my Snowy Owl. I named his Alabaster because it sounded cool and turns out the definition of the name refers to a white mineral that is often used to carve ornaments. Ornaments and snowy owls sorta relate to winter time, right?

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      Well, I have a Jellybean Puppy named Kale… I have my reasons :D

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      Well I named my lil’ kinz koala moonbeamer (don’t know why) my cow moomoo and craziest of all I named my signature cloud leopard sunchaser!

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      I named my Blufadoodle Toola, but I guess it’s really more weird than it is crazy :P

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      the craziest name I have ever given to a webkinz golden retriever was harry. I was only about 5 or 6 years old. so after a few years I decided just to change it to something simple. s I re-named it goldie.

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      I named my recently obtainted Pinto Hermione, after Hermione Granger. (from Harry Potter for those who don’t know.) Keko seems like a really common name because I always see at lest 2 Kekos each day, not counting my pug.

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