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    What is the craziest/funniest/weirdest name you’ve given to one of your pets? For me, I’d have to say my Snowy Owl. I named his Alabaster because it sounded cool and turns out the definition of the name refers to a white mineral that is often used to carve ornaments. Ornaments and snowy owls sorta relate to winter time, right?

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      Mine Was My Caterpillar, Spiffy Yeah I know

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      I think the craziest name I’ve given one of my pets is my Siamese Cat named Cleopatra. It’s not THAT crazy, because Siamese cats origin actually come from Egypt, home of the Queen of the Nile. Cleopatra was actually from Rome! O.O

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      i named my persian cat powder puff i dont know why because i liked it :) and also my haloween mazing hamsters name is pumpkin (yes very originallllll) lol! add me im erinsoccerstar my usual pet is powder puff my persian cat i usually wear a pink outfit from the kinzstyle outlet! pink is my cats favrite :)

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      well I know someone who named theirs 417

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      Oh, I also named my Pom-Pom kitty Pomy. lol, that was a looong time ago.

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