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    …. Yeh, I totally get wanting to do roleplay stuff now. Makes sense! I’m excited to do more role playing too ;D (yeaah speaking of which, do you think I should start that ball roleplay sometime soon-ish too? Ooh oof.. I still gotta finish Olivia’s personality actually XD I dunno when I should do that) But yeah, definitely gonna join! I’ll let you know about characters as soon as I figure it out, heheh. Thanks so much, Taffyy! <3 I hope to see more of you too! (Oh yeah, sure! Go ahead =) I’m always interested in hearing about new Webkinz! And it’s nice hearing what you ended up naming your pets too.) Congrats again on finishing all that school!! I hope you have a great weekend!

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    … Cities. XD It’s okay if you’re too busy though! I hope you have fun reading!! Reading is so much fun ^-^ Do you have other stuff you plan on doing for yourself since you have so much more time now? Ahh.. well that’s okay, we won’t worry about that. We’ll cross that bridge when we come to it. Your new roleplay yeeaa! I was wondering when you might do that. Yes, of course I need to join! XD It sounds fun! And Candy is pretty conflicting with any character, honestly, so how could I know use her in it? XD I’m not sure who else I should use, but we’ll see! I’ll have to figure out if any of my other characters would conflict with the others in the roleplay. I think the rules about keeping short replies and replying within a certain time are probably a good idea! Hopefully that should help us keep things moving, heheh. Yeah, sure! Go ahead and post that next week then. I should be ready by then, I think.. lol. Nah, you’re really not being pushy, don’t worry! =) …

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    Ahh hi, Taffy!! =D CONGRATSS! That is so awesome! I’m so happy for you, and I can’t wait to talk to you more! I’m sure it must feel super good to be free. XD Like seriously, that’s a huge weight off your shoulders. Yeah, it’s fine that ya won’t be there tonight! I mean, you’ll probably be there at like tons of the next ones right? It’s just one park chat. Naah, it’s fine dude! Don’t feel like you need to reply to everything. Just get to aces of the most important ones, and get back to current stuff! =) Oh my gosh, no, yeah, that’s totally fine! You deserve to have some me time and enjoy yourself! You don’t need to like live your life on here XD I don’t mind. You don’t need to be super active, as long as you’re more active than you were when you were doing all that school. I mean, honestly, that really wasn’t that bad, especially if you compare it to how some people aren’t here at all anymore.. =P Speaking of reading books, what books will you be reading? It would be cool if you could read Keeper of the Lost

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    ;D Oh boy. Yeah.. at least that one was short! Haha aww XD That does sound kinda cute. Yeah? I heard it was really good! Hah, yeah.. that’s a good point. XD I wondered he same thing when I heard they were coming out with another Toy Story.. do you think that will be the last movie? Yeah, same. I don’t know what to think about the Lion King either! I do want to see it, but I don’t think it can possibly be as good as the cartoon. =P Thanks though! Oh hopefully! I’m pretty sure I’ll be there on Friday and Saturday =) Oh really? That’s funny that Spring was talking about it! It’s uh, definitely interesting ;P Yeah! So do you like that idea? I hope it’s not too weird. XD Nahh, no need to apologize at all hehe! Oh yeah, it did cut off.. whoops! It wasn’t anything too important, but I meant to say maybe make the ears shorter like cat ears, ya know? I would suggest something else, but ah, there’s so many options.. XD It’s like impossible to pick!

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    … Cassidy, Amanda, Maddison, Amber, Paisley, and Sylvia. Hopefully that’s a bit helpful..? That’s cute that she’ll be sisters with your love spaniel. =) I never even knew that that pet had big feet, but that actually makes sense when I look at it! I thought it just had a lot of fluff around them, but they’re actually just that huge XD Nah, no worries, you didn’t sound that way at all! Ahh okay, no problem, moonie! Yeah, that’s fine if you wanna post them next week. It’s alright, I’m really indecisive too. XD That might be why I don’t usually announce when I’m going to upload SC photos, heheh.. I hope you’ll be able to take those pictures and post them soon! Nah, no prob XD I know it’s hard to keep stuff short sometimes. Weekend.. weekend… man, that feels like a while ago now ‘^^ I think I had a good weekend! It was fun chatting with you, at least! ;) How about you?

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    … They seem to like to stay like that, too, unless you put a lot of wear in them. It’s so nice that you ended up getting a good looking one! Ah okay, good idea XD I look forward to seeing him compared to your other Signature cougars! Canyon is a cool name too! It goes right along with those “nature-y” names, plus the fact that it’s a “mountain” lion and the colors go with it.. it actually suits that pet on more levels than I thought, now that I think about it, haha! Oh my gosh, he sounds so cute, but is Canyon gonna be snarky like the rest of his family? I mean, a socially awkward cougar that likes bubbles.. how could that adorable little dude be mean? XD I would love to see a bio of him sometime, yeah! Aww, you got the Spotted Spaniel? That pet is soo cute! I’ve always loved that lil gal. Hmm.. I think both of those names are cute, especially Charlotte, but here are some more suggestions since you asked: Alyssa, Nicole, Hazel, Gabrielle, Kayla, Mia, Paige, Juliet, Lydia ….

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    Hi, moonie! Oof, I’m real sorry for the late reply and posting above you and everything.. I meant to reply to this a couple days ago, but it kinda never happened. ‘^^ Anyway, yeah, it was totally fine for you to post an update! It was nice seeing one from you, actually =) Ah yeah! That was fun! I hope we can see each other again soon! I should be there Friday, since I’m not working, so hopefully then. Aah your sister is moving then, huh? I hope you’ll be alright.. and your sister too! I’m sure it’ll be a lot of work getting stuff moved out, so I understand if you’re not there Saturday. Ah ha… so this is the mysterious new Webkinz! XD Aw haha, don’t feel bad forgetting a fourth cougar. Honestly, I can really relate! If I wasn’t focused on getting different Signatures, I’d be tempted to get myself a bunch of Signature English Spot Bunnies XD I love them, they’re so soft, cute, and unique! And Signature foxes too.. cuties X) Wow, that’s great that he actually came out nice of the box, heh! I know, it’s annoying when they get smushed like that, isn’t

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    Ah okay, sweet! XD Glad we’re of the same mindset here! Aww, thank you <3 I never thought I was that great at writing, but maybe reading lots of books helps more than I thought lol! (Oh my gosh yeaah I bet! I’m sure it’s super hot there at this time of year! It’s a pretty nice temperature here though. You wanna know why I set it in autumn? Basically for a reason to make Anna wearing a sweater.. XD) Ahh yay, that’d be awesome! I’m excited tooo! X) I can’t wait to read your reply!

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    Hi, twinners! How’s it going? I hope you’ve been well! Hehe, yeah, it seems kinda like that, doesn’t it? XD That’s alright though! Ah yeah, that’s fine, if you really want to! I know it can be hard to keep up with the roleplays. Ooh that sounds cute! Good luck with that! If you end up making it, be sure to post a picture in the Share Center so we can see. =)

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    Lol Caramel isn’t that bad! I mean, yeah, it’s kinda chewy and messy sometimes, but it has.. an okay flavor! XD But yeah, sure you can read it. I don’t mind at all!

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    Hey, @ilovemoonie, I hope you don’t mind that I posted my reply already! I’ve just had it typed up for a day or so and was excited to post it. =P

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    This is the official discussion thread for Cat Café! Any ideas, concerns, or comments can be posted below.

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    …. What really needs to happen? Maybe he could find the thief soon.. or maybe the thief is one of his friends! Oooh, yeah! Now that’d be good. She smiled to herself. Yes, she thought, that’ll add great dynamic to—
    Anna gasped as she bumped into a mass of spotted brown fur, her cold macchiato spilling over onto herself and the fluffy body. Her muffin smushed a little, crumbling and sticking to both of their fur as well. She immediately backed up and looked the stranger up and down, eyeing the new additions to his fur. He was a tall, young and handsome bengal cat… Who is now stained with my coffee and has my blueberry muffin sticking in his fur! “Oh my gosh..” Then she glanced down at herself, noting the mess on her light brown sweater, paws, and part of her notebook… she rolled her eyes and huffed, as she felt her cheeks burn. “I’m so sorry.” How thoughtless and clumsy could she get! She would’ve facepalmed if her paws weren’t mussed with caramel coffee.

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    …. Someone behind her cleared their throat and jerked her away from her thoughts.
    “Oh, sorry!” She scooted forward in the line she’d been holding up. Apparently this was to happen a few more times, with a few more “Excuse me”s in the mix too. Eventually, she made it to the ordering spot.
    “Hi, what I can I get for you?” slurred the tired looking café barista. Anna noticed the dark circles under his half closed eyes.
    “I just want an iced caramel macchiato, and a blueberry muffin,” she told him, deciding she wanted something to munch on with her coffee. Then she added, “Get any sleep last night?”
    “Not really,” he sighed, hand poised to write on a cup. “Name for the order?”
    She gave him her name and handed him some cash. The tired dog misspelled her name on the coffee cup and prepared the coffee and muffin, then handed them to her.
    “Thanks. Hopefully you get a break soon, eh?” She said with a little smile.
    And then Anna was quickly back to thinking about her book, as she headed toward the seating area. ….

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    The cool autumn air brushed Anna’s fur as she made her way to her favorite café. She shivered, tugging the sleeves on her sweater down a bit as the leaves swirled. She was glad she at least wore her sweater. She liked this weather, but the breeze made it colder than expected. When she approached the café, she quickly shoved through the doors, and sighed into the warm indoor temperature. It felt so good to get out of reach of that nipping wind.
    The line was a bit long, so she decided to pull her notepad out of her purse and work on her book a little. She was kind of addicted to writing this most recent mystery. The mystery was even a mystery to her, and she was dying to figure out how everything would play out. Normally, an author might know more of the story ahead of time, but… Anna wasn’t the best writer in the world. Her brow furrowed, and she stuck her pencil in her mouth as she concentrated. How would he find the missing piece? The detective just needed like one more big clue to find out who stole that lady’s necklace… ….