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    … Wow, two years! Ohh, it doesn’t feel that long XD The years go by fast, I guess. Although this past year was pretty crazy, so maybe that’s why. =P Ah yes, I saw that! It’s so cute. =) You did a great job on your peace puppy, and her clothes! That’s nice that you could get that pet on sale, especially since you always wanted one! How much was she to buy? Ohh and cool! Did you get any plush pets or are they virtuals? You’ll have to show us sometime. Yess, I know! I miss posting and seeing posts.. it’s kinda sad how inactive it is now. Hopefully you can help make it more active again? ;D Anyway, thanks for stopping by! It’s always nice to see a friendly face on here!

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    Hi, Spring! Sorry for the late reply.. but at least I’m replying I guess ‘XD Yeah, not much is really going on here. It’s been very quiet since moonie and Taffy have been busy. It’s fine though, I mean if you’re busy too, then nothing’s really gonna be posted anyway.. ‘^^ Oh yeah? That’s cool! I know, the months are going fast. It’s kinda weird =P That’s cool that you’ll have it for summer though! Maybe we can do group chats more often then. I’m excited for summer too! I can’t wait to get in the pool and hang out with my friends more. ^-^ Ah, I’m doing pretty good! Kinda busy, but not as busy as you guys are, I guess. I made some new crochet stuff for my Etsy shop recently and I even made something for moonie! It was really fun! =) Oh okay! Yeah I haven’t been at any chats in ages either. =P I’m usually working on Saturdays (still) so I rarely can, even if I do remember them. (Pfff, it’s okay XD we need people to stay new pages!) Oh and okay. You don’t have to reply to some stuff, as I know some

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    … And what new bands are you listening to? Ahh yeah, violin! That’s so cool. I love the violin. That’s good that you’ve been practicing even though you don’t have orchestra! Gotta keep your skills sharp! Oh man, me? I don’t know, hmm… I’ve pretty much just been working at Subway, making Etsy orders.. that’s my day-to-day. Sometimes I draw if I have time, or I play a little Webkinz or this other game Fer.al. And seeing my friends when they come back from college. That’s always nice heheh. =) Oh, and Pony just told me she saw this! She was like “OMG, tell boogirl I said hi!!” She says she’s doing okay, and she misses you. She also wished you good luck with your new school. =)

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    (Sorry about the late reply!) oh my gosh, fitter on the eggs? How did you make it stay? XD That sounds fun though. I made some different eggs this year too. I added oil to my dye and it made them look sort of tie dyed when I took them out. And yeah, I know. It feels like a LOT has happened in the past two years. Oh yeah? Hopefully it isn’t too difficult. Oh and that’s good! I’m sure you’ll do well. =) Ohh sketching and painting both sound super fun! I hope you can do some fun electives like those. I would love to do another art class heheh.. I kinda miss doing them. Aww yeah.. that’s true. Socializing can be hard ‘XD I’m not the best at it either. I don’t disagree, strangers are hard to talk to, since you don’t know them well. Ohh okay! I haven’t seen any art from you in a while, but I remember it being really cute! I’m sure you’ve improved some I last saw. Are you still on dA? I’m not on there very much lately. …

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    Oh I’m glad you like the drawing, Pony! =) And thanks so much for the birthday gifts! That was so nice of you! I really like the items you sent me, especially that pretty plum tree! ^^ I’m so sorry I haven’t been on Webkinz lately. I know I need to get on more so I can keep in better contact with you, but I keep forgetting. I’ll try to get on more often for you!

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    … Aw, and yeah haha.. I’ve missed hearing from all of my Webkinz pals! What have you been up to besides school in the past two years? Ooh yeah, Pony! I don’t talk to her often, but she sends me letters on Webkinz a lot. Ona few rare occasions we can chat to each other at the Clubhouse or something. But yeah.. she’s still banned from the forums. =/ I’m pretty sure she still reads comments on this forum, though, so you can probably just say “hi” to her on here!

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    Ah, okay XD That’s fine, lol. Ohh and nice haha! It’s fun watching kids do their Easter egg hunts! My family had one for the little kids too. I helped dye and hide the eggs, so that made it fun for me heh! Oh my gosh, 2019? That both seems like forever and not that long ago at the same time.. weird. Well, at least you’re here now! Yeah, I hope so too! They’ll probably get on here and see your replies eventually.. someday ‘XD Oh gosh, college level classes? Dang! Good luck with those! That’s cool that they have some fun electives though! What sort of electives do they have? And I bet! Like you said.. it just sounds so boring doing only online school.. I mean, if you’re a social person anyway. I’m definitely a social person, even if I’m an introvert lol. I’m glad you’ll be switching schools though! I hope you’ll make some good friends there too. =) …

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    Hey, Pony! ;P Sorry I missed your birthday! I hope you had a great day though! I made you the drawing you’ve been asking for forever lol.. Candy and Strawberry. Sorry it took me so long to make it! It took me a while to get motivated and figure out how to draw them. I’m happy I could finish it for your day though! I hope you like how I drew your pompom kitty =) https://share.ganzworld.com/fanart?id=75469 (oh and by the way, I saw your drawing of your peace puppy, @SpringShimmer! It looks so cute, and I love her dress!)

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    Hey! It’s okay =P I don’t know where it went either.. maybe you mentioned something they didn’t like? Who knows pff.. Aw, and that’s good! I’m glad you had a nice Easter at least! Mine was good too. =) I went to church, and then celebrated with some family and good food. Oh yeah, right! It was nice of you to stop by! It’s definitely been a while.. and I think everyone’s doing pretty well? Not sure about Taffy, Heart, or Spring since I haven’t spoken with them lately. But ilovemoonie, Foxesrule, and I are good! Ohh, yeah? I guess you’re applying for a new school cause you’re tired of doing online school? I can imagine that being boring, ugh.. I did homeschooling for a while, but eventually I started doing classes that I went to once or twice a week. I know it’s very boring and I’m sure you miss seeing people! Hopefully you can see some friends and have fun over the summer. What’s the new school like? I hope it’s something less boring lol. Thanks for stopping by to reply! It’s really nice hearing from you =)

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    I don’t know.. I guess it was getting too expensive? I’m not sure. But I miss the old ones too.. at least they’ll be making more of the Webkinz Next plushes sometime soon here. (I don’t know when, I just heard there were more.)

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    Oh hey, @9boogirl, I saw you posted something! I don’t know where it went though.. I guess it was deleted. How are you doing though? How was your Easter? I hope you’re doing well. =) We haven’t been super active on the forums lately, as Taffy is super busy, and moonie seems to be pretty busy too.. but it’s nice to see you’re still alive and kicking! XD

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    … okay lately!

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    Heyy! Taffy! ^-^ Aw, it’s nice to see you here. You sound so busy though =( I’m sorry you’ve been so busy.. I hate being busy all the time. Do you think maybe you should stop working for a little while? It would give you some more time. I don’t know how you manage both college and work, among other things you do. And gosh, it’s fine, Taffy! Of course I forgive you. <3 I’ll never be mad at you for being gone. I know how it’s hard for you to find time, or even motivation when you’re scared to come back on the forums. I’m glad you posted something though! Not a lot has been posted these days.. I don’t think more than a page or two has been posted since you last made an update. I think with you, moonie, and Spring inactive, the forums have just gotten super quiet. ‘^^ Has anything fun happened lately though? I hope you’re not feeling too down. I’ll have to send you a message on AJ or Feral again so maybe we can set up a time to chat again. =) Thanks for stopping to say hi! I hope you’re doing

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    Aww, what! Thank you, Foxie! :3 I can’t wait to see your drawings! I’m sure they’ll all be adorable.

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    Hi again, Pony! It’s cool that you’re on vacation. Or maybe you aren’t anymore? I think I took too long to respond to that lol.. I haven’t been on Webkinz in a while. But I hope you had a nice time! As for the drawings, I don’t know if I have time to do Lyric and Taylor, but I’ll try to do Strawberry and Candy sometime soon since you’ve been wanting them drawn for a long time! I’m glad I finally know what pet she is now.. XD