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    Oh. Crud. >.< Taffy and moonie.. my nephew is coming over today! XP I don’t know if I’ll be able to come to the chat.. It would probably be rude to ignore him.. =( If I can, I’ll try to get on, but I don’t know if I’ll be able to. Maybe if he gets on the computer and wants to play something, I can? I dunno, but I’m really gonna try to get on if we’re not doing anything.

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    TWO WEEKS UNTIL CHRISTMAS! =D Are you guys almost ready? I’ve almost got all of my presents, but I still need to make a few for some family.. and a few certain friends! ;P
    Oh, and um, @ilovemoonie, I don’t wanna be rude by bringing this up, buut your two weeks for replying to our ball roleplay was up a few days ago.. do you think I should reply now? Or should we wait for ya? I probably don’t have a lot of time to reply either though, so I dunno. =P It would probably be better just to give ya more time. I’m sorry I started this roleplay at this time.. I know it wasn’t the best time of year for this! I’m also kind of wishing I made it a Christmas-themed ball, now that I’m in the Christmas spirit pfft XD

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    Pfft, our chats are always pretty fun XD Okay! I hope you can still make it! I’m pretty sure I’ll be there.. Only thong is that my nephew wants to come over today, but I’m gonna try to convince him that Saturday would be a better day to hang out lol. Hopefully he doesn’t come over and ruin our chatting time.. ‘^^

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    Really? Weird! Maybe you accidentally downloaded it? I’ve done that before when trying to download a game or something from online.. =P Oh good! I hope you can fix it! Sounds like a plan. Oh you mean on Saturday? I don’t know if I’ve ever seen you at those yet.. I hope I can see you at the park then!

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    … Those are some pretty good ones! I love the Signature Portuguese Water Dog (I have one of those too! It’s a great plush), and the bubblegum cheeky cat and candy pup are really cute pets! It’s interesting to see who your favorite plush Webkinz are. Anyway, all of your drawings were very well done! It was fun to see them, especially the MLP ones, since I get those more heheh ‘XD Plus they just looked spot on! Thanks for sharing! (Oh and I didn’t mind you posting these, but maybe you should let us all know if you’re gonna do a bigger post like this ahead of time? Don’t get me wrong, I liked seeing them and have no problem replying. I just know that people like to plan and space out posting things in a week to make it easier to reply to them.)

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    Hi, Spring! Man, you’ve been doing a lot of drawing lately! XD That’s cool though. Drawing is fun! I’m glad you can share your art with us! It’s too bad one didn’t go through too.. I wonder why.. weird. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Anyway, I love your My Little Pony art! I was pleasantly surprised to see Fluttershy in there too.. she’s one of my favorites X) You drew her very well! Honestly, all of the ponies look spot on! Their hair, expressions, bodies, and eyes all look great and just like the show! My favorites are probably Fluttershy (personal bias) and Luster Dawn, mostly for those pretty colors! Your lovely fox and powerful girl drawing is cute too! And I love the little Spongebob and Patrick with their black dots for eyes.. XD They’re actually cute, which is weird to say about them.. XD Your Rocko drawings seem to be pretty good too! I know nothing about the show, but I have seen a few pictures of the characters. Your drawings look very close to the cartoon! And lastly, your picture of your fav Webkinz was a nice idea! =) …

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    … I would love it if we could still chat then! I wouldn’t mind not having our weekday chats if I could at least see you and moonie Saturday sometimes. It would be really sad if we could never talk at that park again, ya know..? ‘^^ I hope it won’t come to that. Oh and you said you’d be able to have some random weekday chats until school? Well that’s cool! I hope we can do one or so of those! But for now, I look forward to seeing you this Wednesday. =) Thanks for letting us know about all that though! It’s good to know ahead of time!

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    Hiya! Ah, it’s fine. Like you said, you even let us know ahead of time. Ah yay! That’s great! ^-^ I cant wait to see ya this Wednesday then! I’m not working at all on Wednesday either, so I shouldn’t have to worry about work interrupting us this time. ;P Alright, that’s fine! As long as you can come, that’ll be cool. Aw.. really? =( That’s too bad.. I’ll really miss our chats! But yeah, I can see how a weekday chat will take up too much time. Especially after you start school. I’m sorry all our long chats have been keeping you from doing more productive things.. ‘^^ It’s okay though. It’s not your fault. That’s just life! Things happen, things change.. and we gotta adjust. I don’t mind that much. I mean, yeah, I’ll miss you, but I’m not gonna be like disappointed in you. So you think you should be able to come on the weekends? That would be great! I’ll definitely have to make room in my schedule for Saturday chats more then. I’m often working, but maybe I can ask not to work Saturday afternoons? …

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    Oh my gosh, really? That stinks! XP Viruses can be a pain in the butt. I hope you or your family can figure out how to get rid of it. As for UnicornLuv.. well, she’s posted on the New & Upcoming Pets some. Maybe you could try asking her there?

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    Oh cool! Congrats, angel! ^-^ The Whimsy Dragon is a cute pet! Ah okay. Cotton Candy is a good name for that, so I can see why you’d wanna use it =) Bios don’t really have “rules” so to speak..? It just has a layout that’s good to follow. Like, write the name, gender, species, personality, likes and dislikes, and, if you want, any appearance or background story or any other random information you want to add. Hopefully that helps!

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    Oops, my first one cut off.. it was supposed to say “.. better than a typical name relating to the name of the pet, like ‘Twilight’ or something.” Oh and no worries it wasn’t really underwhelming lol. It’s cool figuring out what those mystery pets were! And they’re pretty nice ones too! Abut your activity, or I guess, lack of it. It’s okay! You are very active on here! I totally understand, and I don’t think you’re being selfish! I mean some of that stuff is just getting ready for college or wrapping presents, so it’s not like that’s you being selfish. You gotta get that stuff done. And anyway, even if you do wanna read or work on some stuff for yourself, that’s fine too. =) Aw, no, I know you care about talking with us and stuff! It’s okay <3 I understand, everyone has to be busy sometimes. I mean look at me XD I’ve been very off and on lately from my Etsy orders. And it’ll be okay when you’re busier next year too. And I mean, who knows? Maybe it won’t be that bad! …

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    … Oh, I hope you can post Mozart’s bio sometime soon! That’s be fun heheh. Anytime you wanna post it is okay, although it would be good if you posted it after at least a week from now, since I should be done with the bulk of my Etsy orders by then. But yeah, perhaps it would be better if you posted it after Christmas? I dunno, that might be easier for others too. (Oh yeah, and since moonie is behind that’s probably be good to for her more time to reply to other stuff first!) Oh and sure! I think that should be good— posting Cassandra’s little bio thingy next week. I should be able to reply to that in a timely manner at least lol. It’ll be interesting to learn more about her, especially since she’s in the Vacation roleplay! Hahah, no, you didn’t bore me to sleep XD Thanks for the update about your forum activity and new pets and all that stuff! I’m sorry my reply is late though =(

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    … It sounds like you put a lot of love into fixing him up! I’m glad that stain came out too. That would’ve been kinda annoying if you couldn’t get it out ‘^^ If you really want suggestions though, I guess I can give some.. XD Here’s a few: Azure, Royal, Alexander, Xavier, Henry, Oliver, Sirius, Cosmo, and uhh Nova? I guess those work. Hopefully you didn’t already decide on a name, oops XD Dang, and you got a signature brown bear from a yard sale? You guys are so good at finding Webkinz at those XD Does your family go to those often? Urjurak? What an interesting name! I like it =) It sounds pretty good on a bear, and if it’s from an Erin Hunter book, then it’s all the better! It’s fine that he’s a black bead on the book, pfft, at least he’s a bear XD Oh! And I forgot bout the warthog! Aw, those are both such cute names XD I like them both.. but maybe go with Snuffle? Just cause there’s probably lots of warthogs names Pumbaa in Webkinz ….

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    Oof, oh no! I don’t think I’ll be able to reply to all of this in time =( Maybe if I keep it short? First things first, those are all great pets! I always thought the splash dragon was a really cool one! ^-^ And the twilight dragon is too! Ahh and the lil Kinz grey cat sounds very cute XD I love lil Kinz! Aw, Mosskit is a cute name! I think I might remember that one from the book, actually =) Man, it’s cool that you could get the splash dragon since you like it so much! And I think moonie’s suggestion of “Typhoon” with “Ty” for short is both cool and cute haha! It’s a great choice! Oh wow, you had to see the dragon up? =O Oh dang. I’m glad you could fix him! I’m impressed you figured out to sew him haha! I understand how that’s difficult with no experience! Oh my gosh, Stitch would be such a funny name XD Would he be crazy like Stitch in Lilo and Stitch? I think it’s a cute name, go ahead and name him that! It’s better than a typical name relating to the name of the

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    Hey, guys! Ah, thanks for adjusting to my time, that was cool of you to do =) It was so fun being there for the hour I was there pffhaha XD I’m glad we could still get together! I hope you guys enjoyed chatting after I was gone too! Do you two think you can make next week’s chat?