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    Hi everyone! my name is heather and my webkinz ID is popculter if you’d like to add me! I am looking for the mod ebony dining chair & the mod ebony raspberry lounger! I have searched in the trading room for several weeks and have had no luck.. if anyone happens to have one for trade will you please friend me? It’s the only thing i’m missing and it’s driving me nuts! lol Thank you to anyone who took the time to read this (:

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    I agree with zebra486!!! & also, if we could put decor above doorways! I always feel like my room is missing something because I can’t put decorations above the doorway..

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    Hi everyone! I haven’t been on webkinz in years and I’m back! I’m looking for a charm tiara so if anyone knows someone that is willing to trade please send them my way! thank you! :) my user is popculter