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    (Pony, I got your friend requests… Sorry this is late – I’ve been really busy XP) Wow, thanks for drawing that, Pony! They all look super great! I love your designs, and the names are really fitting, I think! I’ve already started a quadruped sketch of Charm Heart, haha! Maybe I’ll have to post it to the Share Center so you can see sometime? :) Her color scheme works really well, and I adore that she has little bangs XD That totally suits me, heh. And the way you drew the tail (well, end of her hair, I guess, since it’s Equestria Girls :P) looks nice; I enjoy the (how do I describe it? XD) way it separates into different color strands :) And I really like all the others, too! Such nice colors, names, and overall designs! Thanks for sharing :D (Oh, and the cutie mark is really fitting and adorable, too!)

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    … with a golden-ish band and an emerald green tag instead; same as April in that I came up with her for a story where she’s a regular animal, so I imagine her as a quadruped, but if it’s easier or more convenient to you to do her (or April) anthro, I’m fine with that. Thanks again for taking requests, emi; I’m excited to see how they all turn out! Enjoy your weekend :)

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    … (looks like a silvery dog collar except the “ID tag” is a light blue rhombus with no words or anything on it); either is fine, though since I came up with her for a story in which she’s a regular animal, I imagine her as a quadruped. Or… Option 2:May; Signature Marble Cat; bright green (emerald-colored) eyes; any expression is fine with me, though a slightly pleased/slightly smiling but kinda shy expression suits her personality; oh gosh, as a marble cat, she’s got lots of markings XD I posted images of her from all angles once, starting at https://share.ganzworld.com/fanart?id=68561 and going on for a few more, though if you don’t want to duplicate those exact markings, just slap some tan and black on a white body, and I’ll be good with that :P; no accessories is totally good, or you could give her the same type of collar as described for April but…

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    Hey, emi! Sorry that I’m late to the party here, but I finally have the time to write out my reply! It’s fun that you’re doing requests – I know I’ve said this before, but I really like your art XD Hmm, I figured I should go with one of my newer characters since there’s not any art of them yet! I have two in mind – feel free to pick which one you want to do! :) Option 1: April; Signature Pomeranian; very light blue (almost white) eyes resembling diamonds in color; any expression works, but some sort of cheerful or determined look would work especially well for her; she’s a pretty average Pomeranian looks-wise other than her eyes, so I don’t imagine any special markings for her; you can do no accessories and that’s totally great, or you could give her a silvery collar with a little diamond pendant tag thing hanging off of it that is the same color as her eyes…

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    Well, it’s been months since I’ve stopped by, so I just wanted to say hi ‘^^ How is everyone?

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    Hey there – the Merle Frenchie Puppy was a promotional pet and was available with purchase of eStore points in July. I’m hoping they bring it back sometime!

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    Hey, Spring! Gosh, I’m so sorry for the late reply XP But I know you wanted some name suggestions, so I’ll just leave some here now. Sorry if this doesn’t help much, but maybe… Celeste, Nebula, Astrid, Stella, Aurora, Uma, Pixie, Trixie, Bella, Starshine, Steph, Indigo, Artemis, Priscilla, or Stargazer? Sorry if they weren’t too helpful, but that’s all I could think of ‘^^ Congrats on the new pet, and I hope you find the perfect name for it!

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    Aww, no! Oh man, Taffy, I’m so sorry, pal! XP I was looking forward to reading Logan’s bio (and the part I did get to read was great!)… That’s really annoying that it reset while you were posting it… XP Ahh, and it sounds like it deleted lots of important things, too! That’s just awful :( That Arlo story sounds great, too :/ Man, I’m so sorry that happened, Taffy! I don’t want you to feel sad, though! :/ The part of the bio you did get to post was really great! What? No, his appearance wasn’t boring! I found it interesting to read about! I like that fluff on his head, sounds cute! Ahh, man, I’m just really sorry that your app’s been unreliable… Maybe move your important things somewhere else? :/ I wish there was something I could do! I’ll try to make ya a little something… Maybe that would help? I really hope you feel better soon, though! That’s just awful what happened… But hopefully things will get better soon!

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    Heyyy, guys! Sorry for posting again so soon, but I went ahead and submitted those photos! They go from the first link to the second link, including everything in between: https://share.ganzworld.com/fanart?id=68553 and https://share.ganzworld.com/fanart?id=68575 :) Enjoy your week!

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    Heyyy again! Sorry for posting again so soon ‘^^ But the marble cat ended up arriving yesterday! I must say, it’s not what I expected – it’s even better! It’s so soft, I fell in love with the fur XD And I really like that no two are the same, so mine’s unique! That’s just a nice thought to me, I don’t know XD She had some dirt on her and such, but I gave her a nice brush and she looks great! I’m excited to adopt her, heheh. Anyway, that’s all I have to say for now! I might post some photos of the trio in the Share Center if no one else was planning on doing that this upcoming week? If so, feel free to let me know, and I can wait another week or two :) Enjoy your weekend!

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    (I *finally* replied to the vacation roleplay! I’m so sorry for the delay… I just kept forgetting about it, and when I did remember, I forgot the page it was on, whoops.)

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    3 ~ (And… “made”, not “make” XP) … It’d probably be more fun if they weren’t surrounded by a bunch of strangers, anyway. But there were a few others who did seem interested… “Could we invite Sadie and the others who wanted to come when we go?” he asked his brother with a face of determination. “Please…?” “Who’s Sadie?” Beardo stated, confused. “I met her earlier!” the young schnauzer explained, pointing to the dachshund. “Um… Fine,” Beardo finally agreed. “But you’re going to have to wait for your birthday or something so I can get a discount.” (Sorry for the short reply, I didn’t have too much tone to write it ‘^^ But I hope it’s alright!)

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    2~ (I meant “What’s”, not “Whays”, sorry XP) … ~~~ The king schnauzer noticed a lion shrug after he shouted an offended “Hey!”, but he seemed to be thinking that the fact that UnicornLand was for 6-year-old girls was true. Sterling frowned at this. Sure, he was older than 6 and wasn’t even a girl, but he could still want to go there! It wasn’t the unicorn aspect that intrigued him – Sterling had heard about UnicornLand before and knew it had tons of fun rides and games! They even had cotton candy! The schnauzer thought things couldn’t be worse until he heard a labrador shout that barely anyone was interested, yelling over his “Please take us there!”, and watched the exit fly past them. Disappointed, he rested his head on his brother’s lap. To his surprise, Beardo rubbed his head and reassured him that he’d take him to UnicornLand someday. That make him feel a little better, at least. …

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    1~ (Ahh, I’m so sorry for the delay, guys XP But I hope this goes to the right place!) Barbara grabbed the container from the black lab, still a bit put off by his initial reaction to her. She self-consciously let out a “No problem” and returned to her seat. Was it something I did?, she thought to herself. I’ll just wait for Finn to get back. Then, maybe I could have a decent conversation. ~~~ “Totally!” the excited shark exclaimed. “I’m really a fan of all of ‘em (well, not lemon), but Oreos are the best! Do you have a favorite?” He smiled eagerly at the fox and his friends, exhilarated to have met such kind Webkinz! He went to join Barbara, but his smile turned to a frown when he noticed that the manager didn’t look so pleased. “Whays the matter, Barbara?” he inquired. “Oh, I’m alright,” she replied, smiling to prove it. “Well, if ya say so!” She nodded. …

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    … Ahh, it’s alright, no need to apologize! I understand if you’re busy and don’t have much time on here! I know I’ve personally had to take long periods of time off here, myself ‘^^ Sure, we’d love it if you were able to come on some more! But don’t feel bad for doing other things, too! It’s important to do things other than work and such, especially during these times! Ahh, well, thanks! I’ve been doing fine, I think… Nothing eventful has really occurred lately, anyway. I think we’re going to reorder the signature marble cat today (well, it’ll be yesterday when this goes through), so maybe she’ll arrive soon! :) Then, I should be able to post some pictures of the three new signatures if people seem interested. But yeah, nothing much here! We watched all the Harry Potter movies, but other than that, just work and such. How about you? :) And thanks for updating us! I hope you enjoy your week! ^-^