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    I just got a new webkinz at Goodwill, and she had a tag that wasn’t used! She’s an oriole, and her name is Pixie. Pixie is SO CUTE!

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    Does anyone{or Webkinz} know why this happens? With some of my items, it will only show 1/2 or a 1/4 of it. It’s really annoying, because 1 item is a bed that my pet has to sleep on the edge of because the other 3/4 of it is ‘invisible’. Then my outdoor pool and tulip trampoline also seems ‘invisible’. For my trampoline, it shows a square where it used to be, but it isn’t there. For my pool, it just disappeared. It might just be ‘invisible’ because my pet can’t stand on where it used to be. I know webkinz said that they didn’t finish with all the items and i went through the missing items list, but I can’t find the names of MY missing things. What is wrong with my things? Someone, please help!:{

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    I love your idea, Fracktail! Please friend me on webkinz! My webkinz username is the same as mine on here: goldenrose100

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    Dear Ganzworld/Webkinz, I have great ideas for new webkinz, and I would really appreciate you using them. So far I have 2 ideas. Please read! 1. The Ice Horse. It has a light blue icicle mane and tail, with some dark blue hairs in it{if you know what i mean}. It also has icy colored fur, dark blue snowflakes all over it, and dark blue white sparkle hooves. 2. I present {named after me} the Goldenrose Horse! It has a pink rose colored long mane and tail with golden hairs too, a pink rose saddle, rose on head, and golden fur. I hope you like and will use my ideas! From: goldenrose100