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    Aw, that’s fun! :D There are SO many of my pets that are lacking personalities right now haha. I tend to only focus on a few pets, so there aren’t many that have defined personalities whoops. XD This is such a neat idea though! I’m impressed that you were able to develop such unique and quirky personalities for your pets just based on their outfits! I love the creativity! I should try this out! XD Even the pets of mine that DO have defined personalities are kind of similar haha. I needed the creative inspiration from this! :D Also, I LOVE “you cannot access this information” for your pet named “403 Forbidden” hahaha.

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    -3- “I have NO idea,” replied Snowbelle. I haven’t heard from her at all lately! When we planned this get together last weekend, she had agreed to come.” She shrugged. “Maybe she changed her mind.” Nicole rolled her eyes. “Why would she change her mind? She loves Olive Garden so much that she even works there during the week! All I’m saying is… it would’ve been nice if she could’ve let us know,” she grumbled. “It’s rather rude of her to just NOT show up, don’t you think?” Snowbelle wanted to agree with Nicole, but she didn’t want to complain about her good friend, Este. “Well, normally I’d agree with you. I’m actually kind of worried though. This isn’t like Este. She always follows through with her plans. I just hope she’s alright.” Nicole didn’t say anything else during the car ride and after a few more minutes, they arrived at Olive Garden. (I hope my reply was alright! I wasn’t sure if I should make it longer, but I think I wrote a decent amount! :D)

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    -2- ~Snowbelle and Nicole had decided to go out for dinner at Olive Garden tonight. The weather wasn’t the greatest, but they figured that it was better than just being stuck at home. They were currently in the car and Snowbelle was driving. “Did you know it was supposed to storm tonight?” Nicole asked with her arms crossed. “Ugh, no!” complained Snowbelle over the noisey windshield wipers. “I hope the rain doesn’t mess up my fur or my bags!” Nicole looked in the backseat. “Why did you bring all of that stuff anyway?” Snowbelle looked confused. “You mean my seasonings and condiments? I never go to a restaurant WITHOUT them!” :D Nicole rolled her eyes. “Are you expecting the food to be bad or something?” “No,” replied Snowbelle. “But it’s better to be safe than sorry!” They were quiet for a few minutes before Nicole spoke up again. “Hey, where’s Este? Was she busy tonight? I thought she was going to join us too.”

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    -1- Este closed the lid to her laptop and felt relieved that the Kinzville police station was now aware of the strange occurrences. They could definitely help her before anything ELSE happened, right? She reached for her phone to send a text to her friend, Snowbelle. She looked over at her desk, surprised when she felt nothing below her hand but the smooth wood. Now her phone had gone missing too! “Great,” she mumbled under her breath. “I hope the police and solve this mystery soon!” ~Ace sat at his desk and throughly read the email that Kailie had forwarded to him. He had his hand on his chin in thought. “Wow, this sure is strange! I’ll definitely tag along with you, Kailie. Oh, it’s totally fine!” Ace assured her. “I actually happen to love Olive Garden! I don’t have anything else going on at the moment, so I’m completely free to go!” He hopped up out of his chair and walked out the door.

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    (Wow this is my first time starting off one of our roleplays! :D Hopefully I do a good job. XD) Help! I wanted to reach out to the Kinzville police department to report some strange occurances. My name is Este and I’m a server at Olive Garden. Things have been… strange lately. I noticed that my belongings have slowly gone missing. First it was just small things such as my earrings and necklaces. Now I’ve noticed that my bigger and more valuable things are disappearing as well. Yesterday my TV remote, phone charger and headphones disappeared. This morning my favorite dress was gone out of my closet. At first I figured that I must have just misplaced them, but I can no longer ignore this. Something is going on and I feel the need to finally report it. -Este

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    You’re welcome! :D They are!

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    Me tooooo. XD

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    Congratulations on your new Peppermint Puppy! :D That’s always been one of my favorite plush pets. It’s so unique and cute. Webkinz has a lot of awesome Christmas pets!

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    @_xPho3nyxblade318x_ Thanks! :D I think I’ll go ahead and trade out October for Snowbelle and I can add Ace too if you’d like! I’m looking forward to it too! XD No problem! BBFF!!!!! ()..()

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    Hey @Alexandrite_Ledger! I haven’t posted on the forums for YEARS. XD It’s crazy! Haha. I’ll be using Este my Fleecy White Kitten, Nicole my Peace n’ Love Puppy and October my Patchwork Cat.

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    Hey everyone! MLP wanted me to do the weekly questions until she gets back, so today is Think it Thursday! What are you guys thinking about? Right now I’m thinking about how it is already April, and there still hasn’t been a new plush webkinz all year. I’m definitely getting worried at this point. :/ I really hope Ganz isn’t done making them.

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    Hey emi! It’s nice to see you too! Thanks for understanding. :) Yeah, it’s definitely been stressful lately. I’m totally going to relax over spring break and play on webkinz haha. Thanks emi! :)

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    Hey everyone! Sorry for not getting around to replying to the weekly questions. These past couple of weeks have been pretty stressful. =/ I’m going to be on spring break next week, so I’m really looking forward to that. Unfortunately, my teachers give lots of tests and assignments to finish up the units before we go on break for a week. I’ve been working on an essay for my literature and language class. I also have a presentation to work on for my Spanish class in addition to a few tests. I’ll be able to visit the forums more often next week when all of my school work is over with XD. I can’t wait to have a week off. :D

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    You’re welcome everyone! :D Hahahaha a webkinz shopping spree would be amazing!

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    You’re welcome guys! And sorry about not replying until now. Those are all really great suggestions! :D