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    My score that i usually get in pizza palace is 48,000.

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    My sugguestion is to bring back visiting other friends’ houses. The button is always faded out when I try it. We’re all on the same zone. (the person I always try it with) They’re on and we both have a signature pet. (if it’s like a signature/ deluxe thing) Can Ganz please fix this? it’s really annoying to have to buy and set up a party to go to our friends houses. then it’s restricted to 1 room only… Thanks, Kcunningham06

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    Yay!!! i’ve really missed it!!

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    I knowI love showing off (which sounds bad) my new created outfits!!! one of my favorite combinations is the beautiful blue ball gown, glass slippers and the enchanted tiara that you can but for 1,500 moneyz! :D

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    What happened to invited friends over to your house????? I really miss it but whenever I try the button is shaded out!?!?!?!?!? what is with this??? my friends and I are all on the same zone and we’re signature pet owners (in case it’s like a deluxe only or deluxe and signature thing) Can anyone please help???? Thanks ya’ll! -Kcunningham06-