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    I was thinking everyone could get one plain animal of there choice just a white animal And they could customize it! And they could keep changing it! For example they could pick colors,patterns,patches,fur,maine,feather or scale color,eye color and lashes! I hope someone agrees with me

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    I think winston, skylar and rob!

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    @sundykinz15 I think they just went out of style because i have seen lots of places.

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    Oh my gosh i just thought of this we should have a hairless cat in webkinz world and as a plush!

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    Toatally agree!! I love the girly hair bows and hats we have now but i do wish there was a larger selection of bows including one ear bows or to ear bows meaning one bow on each ear and i would really love tail bows for horses, monkey and the pegasus collection but mainly for long tailed animals. Like for the tip of the tail in rainbow assortment of colors!

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    @AvzoraGW yeah i have the rockerz lion and i love him! Although i am not collecting webkinz anymore i will still get spasific plushies and enter them with the app cause all i have to play with them on is my tablet and ipad so it is very difficult to take care of my pets because the food is super expinsive on the app and i cant play my favorite games to get the kinzcash. Anyway i still hope they make the rockerz puppy. Signed rosey

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    @ TubeKinz897 i dont know if this will help you or not but i have 13 signatures and i got them from Tuesday Morning if you live in the US i think there all over the place if im not mistaking but you might be able to find some retierd pets and a skunk there i found a Googles and a rockerz lion there. I hope this helps signed rosey

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    Hi I am not sure what to think of the flying pig he is cute though! I would be excited if they made the rockerz puppy with the old Justin bieber hair into a plush! that one is cute

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    the title says it all! A beautiful Cinderella dress