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Meet Ella McWoof!
Who will be answering all these challenging questions?
Kinzstyle Outlet Designs
Who designs the clothes in the KinzStyle Outlet?
POM Envy?
We all know that only one pet can be pet of the month every month. Do Webkinz ever get a little jealous when they aren’t picked for pet of the month?
Fun for Webkinz Whales!
What activity would be best for my Whale Webkinz?
Quizzy's IQ
Just how smart is Quizzy?
Henrietta Hippo Theatre
Have you ever seen a Hippo in a tutu, doing a twirl to the tune of Swan Lake? What happens at Henrietta Hippo Theater for the Performing Arts?
Why Collect Wish Tokens
What can I get from the Wish Machine?
Zingoz or Zangoz?
Webkinz World is growing, and with it comes so many wacky new creatures. First things first\, what’s the difference between a Zingoz and a Zangoz?
Beware Webkinz Snakes?
Is my Webkinz snake venomous?
Webkinz Runaways?
Will my Webkinz run away if I don’t come back to Webkinz World?
Cats vs. Dogs?
Meow! Hiss! RUFF! RUFF! Sounds like a scuffle between old friends who sometimes forget how to get along! Do Webkinz cats like to play nice with Webkinz dogs?
Pet Dentistry?
Your Webkinz' smile is straight and sparkly white, how do they keep them so clean and bright? Do Webkinz go to the dentist?
Webkinz Dreams
When you’ve logged out of Webkinz World, and your pets are getting their winks and zzzzs, what do they dream about?
Mount ‘Kinz
The highest mountains hold the greatest treasures! What secrets lie in Mount ‘Kinz?
Webkinz Environmental Worries?
Is the environment something to worry about in Webkinz World?