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Goober's Experiment
Goober loves to make scientific discoveries! His favorite experiment is explosively entertaining! Ask your parents before trying this experiment.
Rainbows in Webkinz World?
Are there rainbows in Webkinz World?
Arte's Gem Collection
How did Arte get to know so much about the rarity of all the gems in the Gem Hunt?
The Richest Kinz?
What would you do with all the Kinzcash in all of Webkinz World? Just ask the richest Kinz in the land how he spends his mula!
Nightlights in Webkinz World
Spooky things go bump in the night. Do you wonder if your Webkinz get scared of the dark?
Smelly Kinz?
PEE-UW! Did you forget to give your pet a bath? What happens if you don’t scrubb-a-dub-dub your pet often enough in the tub?
Clothing Machine Secret
A fancy hat, a pretty bow, and some fabulous new shoes: POOF! and you've got yourself some patchwork pants?
Who cares for Dr. Quack?
If Doctor Quack is so busy taking care of our pets, who takes care of the good Doctor?
Spoiled Food
Scared that tomato is going to rott in your storage doc? Find out if WebKinz foods ever spoil?
Good and Bad Fairies
Having magic isn’t always sparkly and superb. There’s good and bad to everything, even in Webkinz World. What is the difference between a good fairy and a bad one?
Retired Webkinz!
Think retirement would be boring for a pet? Think again! What do Webkinz do once they’ve retired?
The Oldest Webkinz
Who is the wisest Webkinz of them all? Who is the oldest character in Webkinz World?
Chef Gazpacho's Name?
Chef Gazpacho has a funny name. Where in Webkinz World did it come from?
Flying Chicken Pets?
Can my Chicken pet fly with the other Webkinz birds?