Want to Win a Christmas Tree for Your Map?

Kinzville Christmas Tree

Do you want to make your Map spectacular this holiday? Are you wishing on a star for a beautiful stand-out piece to place in the center of your Kinzville this year?

Then polish your decorating skills and get ready to play the Happy Holidays Challenge because you could win an amazing holiday prize: the stunning Kinzville Christmas Tree!

Beginning December 1 and ending January 1, complete a wide variety of tasks (like seasonal decorating, gathering holiday food, and even Christmas caroling!) to win your Tree PLUS plenty of pretty prizes along the way!

Look for the Happy Holidays Challenge icon (shown below) to appear in your Room, your Map, the Kinzville Park and the Clubhouse on December 1st to start your tasks. Good luck!


Happy Holidays Challenge



118 Responses to Want to Win a Christmas Tree for Your Map?

  1. bubblebutton123 says:

    It should so be for our rooms! I wish the map was how it used to be…

  2. samantha2001 says:

    the tree is soooo beautiful i want one next year i just found out about it to bad the holidays (christmas) are over:(

  3. Dudeett7 says:

    to late now I’ve already completed all of my Christmas challenge’s : )

  4. pattypie33 says:

    I finished the challenge on three accounts, but I can’t find a tree in my map stuff on any of them. It is awarded later?

  5. christmas says:

    I have a good place to put the Christmas tree

  6. alissa says:

    this is terrible we should get one for our room and for our map or choose where we want to put it.

  7. 12cents says:

    My daughter never got the challenge on her account. lilspring

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