Sneak Peek: Carrots Bunny

Celebrate the beauty of spring with the happy-as-can-be Carrots Bunny! This cutie loves hopping around the garden while keeping an eye on the time with their own Springtime Clock! And after an early morning walk, they love nothing more than a sweet helping of Carrot Cake Crepes, the perfect breakfast to start off another spring day!

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  1. WEBKINZFREAK51 says:


  2. Oreoluvsforeverfriendship says:

    The item is weird, the food looks bad, the gift box is, well, you know, and the pet? What?

  3. petlover24435 says:

    I. LOVE. IT. OMG THIS RABBIT COULD BE THE NEWEST ADDITION TO MY WEBKINZ COLLECTION! IT BETTER NOT BE VIRTUAL ONLY! OR ELSE I WILL FAINT! I HAVE TWO LITTLE KINZ RABBITS WAITING FOR A MOM/DAD/BABYSITTER WHATEVER WORKS! IT COULD BE A GARDENING STYLE, OOH IVE ALWAYS WANTED A GARDENER ON MY WEBKINZ! So far I only have a cool guy, a sassy fashionable girl, the annoying twins (one’s a cook, one’s an extreme sports fan), the elegant girl (with a secret passion for fashion), the regular guy that doesn’t really take much seriously, and a sweet and polite Canadian girl who is shy to the bone. I’m waiting to add my brown dog so it can be my bookworm ;) . Now I’m thinking the name for that bunny can be….Fern or something Earth-y and it can be my kind, peacemaking gardener girl. I can dress it in my gardener’s outfit from the task! And maybe she can be my twins mom or aunt or…wait. DONT GET AHEAD OF YOUR SELF PETLOVER! I DONT EVEN KNOW IF THIS WILL BE A VIRTUAL OR NOT! oh well…

  4. Ravin555 says:

    must hug BUNNY!!!!!!!!! XD XD XD

  5. sararokz says:

    Oh… my… PIZZA! This bunny is soooooo cute!!!! I WANT IT SOOO BADLY! :) but I dont exactly need it with around 90 webkinz… LOLZ

  6. burnsey0814 says:

    Shouldn’t it say “And after an early morning HOP” instead of walk? :)

  7. Ikerats says:

    why doesn’t Ganz make a Dorito Dog??????????!!!!!!!!!

  8. Fred04 says:

    Aw, so cute and love the PSI. I have a Webkinz clock room it will look wonderful in.

  9. strawberry081 says:

    this is a MUST HAVE!!! sooooo CUTE!

  10. ccaenine2 says:

    That gift box is adorbs! The pet is PRECIOUS!

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