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Welcome to Let’s Draw, a video series here on Webkinz Newz! Want to learn how to draw Webkinz pets? Grab a paper,  pencil and marker and draw along with Maurizio, our Lead Artist!


Let’s Draw: A Webkinz Cat!


Let’s Draw: A Monkey!


Let’s Draw: A Dog!


Let’s Draw: A Dragon!


Let’s Draw: A Polar Bear!


Let’s Draw: A Zingoz!


Let’s Draw: Sheldon Turtle!



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82 Responses to Let’s Draw Archive

  1. jellybean16 says:

    For any wondering, here is how you can learn how to draw more webkinz animals: Go to the Wshop. Click Fun Stuff. In the categories click books. You can find a book How to draw Webkinz for only 100 kinzcash. This book helps very much and shows how to draw 10 webkinz animals. Hope this helps! -jellybean16

  2. lexi5338 says:

    Maurizio, I’m sooo excited to be able to draw a Webkinz host soon, because your tutorials are the only ones I’m able to follow along to without messing up. :)

  3. beba12345 says:

    LOVE IT :) please make a webkinz horse next they are my favorite animal im so obsessed with horses i even watch my little pony #ponysforlife ;)

  4. dogheart7 says:

    LOVE these videos! I hope he draws a clover puppy.

  5. maymay123 says:

    when are you doing a new vid?

  6. maymay123 says:

    when are you going to do a new one?

  7. maymay123 says:

    please do a pig and a sheep

  8. erica2334 says:

    I drew the dragon and the monkey and it came out really well! These tutorials are great!

  9. cutekittykat says:

    I did the polar bear and zingoz. I really like the series. Next can you please do a horse?

  10. superreadergirl says:

    I wish there were more of these videos this is my favorite section.

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