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Welcome to Let’s Draw, a video series here on Webkinz Newz! Want to learn how to draw Webkinz pets? Grab a paper,  pencil and marker and draw along with Maurizio, our Lead Artist!


Let’s Draw: A Webkinz Cat!


Let’s Draw: A Monkey!


Let’s Draw: A Dog!


Let’s Draw: A Dragon!


Let’s Draw: A Polar Bear!


Let’s Draw: A Zingoz!


Let’s Draw: Sheldon Turtle!



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86 Responses to Let’s Draw Archive

  1. uytrewq14 says:

    next, can you please draw cinnamon the Mazin hamster? tysm, i love your vids!

  2. foxmillionair says:

    can you show how to draw a fox plz?

  3. mermaid123871 says:


  4. foxmillionair says:

    i love Webkinz and I loove to draw comics so Lets Draw With Maurizio will be a big help for when I draw Webkinz comics

  5. Calicocat67 says:

    Can you show how to draw a husky

  6. kmklonowski says:

    I would like if you did a how to draw a dolphin or orca video.

  7. drit13b says:

    draw santa kinz pls

  8. cjones3305 says:

    It might sound really silly but I wish he would draw a Unicorn or even a Wolf. I know a unicorn is not a real animal but I like them anyway… (:

  9. silverbone13 says:

    Can u draw a webkinz horse Not standing up on two’s standing on all four hoofs i would really like if your could do that :)

  10. mammatus says:

    next you should draw a wolf

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