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Welcome to Let’s Draw, a video series here on Webkinz Newz! Want to learn how to draw Webkinz pets? Grab a paper,  pencil and marker and draw along with Maurizio, our Lead Artist!


Let’s Draw: A Webkinz Cat!


Let’s Draw: A Monkey!


Let’s Draw: A Dog!


Let’s Draw: A Dragon!


Let’s Draw: A Polar Bear!


Let’s Draw: A Zingoz!


Let’s Draw: Sheldon Turtle!



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87 Responses to Let’s Draw Archive

  1. kcunningham06 says:

    Can you do a horse? I own 4 in webkinz!! XD Black friesian, Brown arabian, Clydesdale, and Pinto.

  2. KSC says:

    Hi Maurizio! I love these videos! These are so much fun! They’re helpful too for someone like me who can only draw stick figures. Can you do a “Let’s Draw: the Eskimo Dog”? Many thanks for these great videos!

  3. brookearden13 says:

    id love a sheep or lamb tutorial if these are still happening?

  4. foxmillionair says:

    Will there ever be any new ones?!!

  5. 4izzyb says:


  6. Firestar1390 says:

    What about a how to draw a Webkinz Husky/Signature Marble Cat!

  7. foxmillionair says:

    Show how to draw a fox or koala those are my fave animals

  8. jkvstudi says:

    could you do how to draw a webkinz deer/fawn?

  9. wbirkas says:

    The treasure hunt first clue is ‘to go where we draw’ but when i get here on the let’s draw, the map doesn’t show. is it not working again??

  10. CoolRossillongirl says:

    omg draw a….. banana- oh, these are about animals in webkinz? sorry- draw a yellow bear with honey with a red webkinz shirt, so basically Winnie the Pooh but in Webkinz :3

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