Get FIRED UP in Webkinz Friends!


Guess what?


There’s a HOT new Challenge in Webkinz Friends: All Fired Up!


Kinzville’s new Fire Department is running a fundraiser to buy a new fire truck, and they’re looking for volunteers to help!


Earn the Kinzville Bravery Medal and a Happiness boost!


So don’t forget to play the Webkinz Friends Challenges so you can win PRIZES for your Kinzville Town…




WIN PRIZES to send back to Webkinz World!!!


Play Webkinz Friends on iPad or Facebook*


*Must have an active Facebook account



43 Responses to Get FIRED UP in Webkinz Friends!

  1. unicorn2910 says:

    friend me PPPLLLEEEAAASSSEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My username is unicorn2910.

  2. musicmerrick says:

    my webkinz will definitely love to join!

  3. madison521825 says:

    cant wait!

  4. krae1234 says:

    can u play webkinz friends on a computer like webkinz or does it have to be on facebook ?

  5. cdjn says:

    my dog buster will love to help the firefighters buy a new fire truck

  6. megashine says:

    How do you do thisss ?

  7. puppylove445 says:

    I agree toofun I cannot play it at all but I think there is a ds game for webkinz

  8. puppylove445 says:

    one thing I only have a kindle and this game looks awesome

  9. toofun says:

    I wish I had a facebook or an ipad. I don’t have either one of those to play it…. That isn’t too fun :(

  10. makayla2 says:


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