New GanzWorld Rewards Items

There are three new GanzWorld Rewards items for Webkinz Friends!


The Icy Modern Lamp


The Winterfest Ice Box


and… the Blue Mobile Home!


You can still get last month’s Webkinz Friends GanzWorld Rewards items! So save up your Moneyz and snag these awesome items!

11 Responses to New GanzWorld Rewards Items

  1. wild3965123 says:

    i want the blue house thing i must see it in my house or yard

  2. Grandpa says:

    Don’t have Facebook so how do I get help on a stuck item. Frustrated

  3. snoopdog354 says:

    this will be awesome

  4. schlesier says:

    o3o how do u gat da items i want dem SOOooooo… badly :’(

  5. Jenny says:

    I love webkinz i get on it like 27/7. i think you sould get new games i am tierd of plyiang the same games over and over and over. You sould also make a cinchilla (sorry for spelling)

  6. feet says:

    I love the idea of the reward. I just tried to claim a prize and you have to login to Facebook and give Ganz access to all your contacts! Why? That does not seem right. Why can’t we just send it to our WF account name? I want that Townhouse!!

  7. prettyprincessbuggy says:

    I just started playing it

  8. cece945 says:

    Love the mobile home but I dont have a webkinz friends :( wish it was for android!!

  9. cleo says:

    i lllloooovvveee it

  10. jennifer says:

    Thanks for keeping a “home” in with the new prizes. jennifer

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