Webkinz Next 101: Aging Up Babies

Caught on video! Sally Webkinz shares the moment when she ages up her avatar on Webkinz Next and talks about how the whole aging up of babies thing works.



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12 Responses to Webkinz Next 101: Aging Up Babies

  1. PRINCESS6501 says:

    On the Bringing Up Baby 3 of 3. I have filled out the Growth meter and it hasn’t registered for the “Who’s a big kid now? Fill your baby’s Growth.” when you clicked it says you can keep the baby a baby so I did but I haven’t been able to get the diamond rewards for the task even though I have filled out their growth request bar and and done the other two tasks. It has been like this for at least few days without receiving or registering.

    • Ajoy65 says:

      Hi Princess6501. If you would like to grow up your baby just go to My Pets, lower right hand corner. Scroll down to where your baby is and it will say Play with Baby and beside that is Grow Up. Hope this helps. Have a nice day. Ajoy65 :)

  2. leena14371 says:

    I have a baby with only two buttons – play with baby or grow up. Is there a way to send them to daycare for the challenge?

  3. sherryeberhard says:

    What does send to daycare mean?

    • Sally Webkinz says:

      If you view all of your pets, babies will have a button that says Send to Daycare

    • amstaffwb22 says:

      When you send your pet to daycare, they are removed from their crib for 8 hours. When they return home, they will have achieved a growth moment. This makes it easier to fill your baby’s growth meter if you cannot actively play to respond to their growth requests.

  4. dragonfli2008 says:

    I’ve been having an issue recently where the Baby will have a growth moment, but when i fulfill the growth moment the growth meter will not proceed. Is there any way to fix this? i’ve already tried logging out and then back in, closing the game and reopening it.

  5. Fedorovgirl says:

    Very cool! Thanks for the video, Sally :)

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