Webkinz Classic Event Calendar: May 2021


There is a brand new DIY Deign Event happening in May! Check out the calendar below to see what else we have planned for the month:




Check Webkinz Newz often to learn more about each event…


32 Responses to Webkinz Classic Event Calendar: May 2021

  1. Prettyflower7 says:

    Problem, for some reason I’m not getting the 3 plays on Magical Forest for the Day’s of play Event, it’s day one so it might be glitchy but I was looking forward to the Event, PLEASE FIX! =(

  2. broitscc says:

    im not delux, but maybe u can submit a question or complaint to webkinz.

  3. broitscc says:

    me neither! player appreciation day is always sooo fun!

  4. zoetrope14 says:

    I havent recieved my deluxe prize box for the month or any of my estore points, what can I do?

  5. Prettyflower7 says:

    I’m looking forward to the DIY Design Event, The Mother’s Day Flowers and Days of Play!

  6. angel0krystal says:

    So excited for May!

  7. eb225vet says:

    I cannot wait for player appreciation day!

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